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If Apple doesn't do something fresh and interesting with iOS 7 I'll be switching to an Android device. The new HTC One is very impressive. I like the iPhone quite a bit but I haven't been excited about anything they've done for years, found iOS5 and iOS6 very boring, increasingly scattered design mentality, and making me wonder what they are even doing over there with all the talent in the world coming up with very little each year.
This is the first Android phone I'd seriously consider over the iPhone I've been using for the past 5 years. The screen is incredible, far better than the iPhones, and the hardware is just as gorgeous if not more. Main factor would be battery life. But, it's really starting to show, other companies are legitimately doing more to compete than Apple.
Funny to see people on this site bash Google Maps in favor of Apple's. They both have pros and cons, but no denying Google has a far more extensive database of locations. 
iPad mini sales are cannibalizing iPad sales because  a) iPad mini is brand new. b) The quiet refresh of the regular iPad was awkward.   I think they need to go back to a one year cycle with iPad, give it it's due roll out, and go back to naming it iPad 3, iPad 3S, iPad 4, etc. If they want people to feel compelled to keep buying new models, they need to make it more clear that the new models are actually major releases. Hell, the newest version is called iPad,...
There are a few things that I find really annoying.  Moving the artist browser to the top instead of the left takes up tons and tons of unnesseasry screen space. These little arrows that pop up when you hover over songs - I keep clicking them on accident, and they don't show any more info than a simple right click does. Getting a bit tired of Apple trying to fix what isn't broken, and not giving more options to customize the simple features. The new style is a step...
I think iOS7 is going to make or break the iPhone for a lot of people. iOS6 to me was the least interesting, least innovative update yet, messing with and kind of clunking up things like app store, podcasts, maps, relatively useless ticket app, ugly icon tiles for facebook twitter print etc, lack of widget and lock screen customization. None of it is terrible, but none of it's A anymore. Feels like nobody is talking over there, nobody managing it all. This is all...
I feel with all fairly high price points, they're blurring the lines between products, and their insistance to continue pushing old models just as prominently as the new ones is making the new models feel lesser.   130 dollars more is a significant amount of money - imagine how much you can do with a kindle or nexus if you invested that 130 savings right back into apps and media. They missed the mark on that impulse buy range. People will still buy millions of...
Will be interesting if they release an updated iPad this early.. More akin to what they do with their computers, quiet to mid sized periodic updates rather than strictly once a year. They've already questionably dropped the '3' from this gen's title, so maybe they do want to roll these out with more iterative updates not deserving such bold titles as ipad4 ipad5 etc. Personally I like the model numbers, its much stronger device branding in a market that advances so quickly.
I honestly can't figure out how Passbook works. Seems very confusing, especially to average consumers who don't know ANYTHING about it. The app is so basic, you click it and it says 'this will store your tickets etc', then a button that says 'app store' - and it loads a completely random list of apps. What?
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