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Personally, I don't like them mainly because they detract from a singular stylized OS. Many feel a bit childish and dated, unlike OSX which is mostly very clean, moden. Even the little things like pull down notifications have a texture that don't really match, different designs all over the place. I'd like to see a major overhaul to all the core programs as well as the general OS, think it's time to update beyond the basics, much of which was designed 6 years ago.
Does anyone know if the adapter can go in from either orientation? Would be really nice if you didn't have to fumble around like with microusb.
I don't mean to sound too harsh, I know a lot of work goes into these things. But I literally have a hard time going through the new layout. There are 11 something ads on the left, right, top, and between articles. Some of which are specifically designed to match actual articles. And they go back and forth between ad and sidebar promos for this site which are not technically ads, but feel that way.  I mean this more as constructive criticism than just bashing all the...
  I'll try to answer this with my basic understanding of Win 8 (which again, is basic, but also a bit more than the average consumer.)   As far as Metro goes - it's basically a large skin on top of Windows. The traditional Windows environment still exists, programs will still run, but the system boots in this tiled, stripped down quick launch screen. (Imagine your mac boots iOS - simple, functional, but limited, and OSX exists below it) However MS is building stripped...
Good news, as small a step as it is to type in a password, it's tedious, especially with how frequent apps are updated.   I also hope they have fixed an annoyance when you are updating a batch of apps and one of them is 17+ and it freezes the downloads after 30 seconds until you realize it is asking to confirm. It would be nice if you could set a one time setting to always allow the installation of 'mature' apps rather than manually confirming them every single time.
The two reasons I think they're holding off on the App Store for AppleTV - no great way of controlling it (the little remote isn't good enough). And, they're probably waiting so they can push it as a major feature with their dedicated TV.   I wish they would just create a little gaming/remote controller for the AppleTV, and this thing could be absolutely huge - people need an easy/comfortable way to pick up and play with it. But I've got a feeling they'll try to make it...
  Matthew Modine is awesome and a great actor. I've got a feeling you're just here to be a prick?
Obviously we wont be seeing any bendable iPhones, but does flexible = break resistant?
Any examples?
Does Windows RT run regular windows programs? If not, this is going to be a mess.   I'm fairly tech savy, but I don't really understand what RT stands for. Run Time. Ok, but what's that mean? When it's called Windows, and looks like Windows 8, but runs on a totally separate architecture and can't actually run traditional windows programs, it's going to really confuse people.
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