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I wish they would put whatever innovative technology they are developing into the existing Apple TV for 99 dollars rather than high end HDTVs for a thousand.
Makes sense. The full iPad is still killing but they need something to compete more directly with the 7" / 200 dollar Kindle Fire. I could see a 7" iPad at 300 dollars. If you think about it, it also makes a bit more sense that they dropped the generation number on iPad 3 back to straight up iPad. Say this iPad mini comes out in 6 months, it wouldn't fit right to only use one with version numbers.
Doesn't make sense at all. There must be at least 10x the number of iOS devices out there compared to the Kindle Fire, and, not trying to fan the flames but the iOS app store is worlds better than the Amazon app store, and Amazon has a fraction of the selection. (I have both, Amazon Apps are janky at best) Unless I'm missing how this data was collected, there's no way in hell Amazon is pulling 89% of whatever Apple is.
I really hope they go with a magsafe connection. I find the micro / macro usb plugs too small, it's so much harder to fit in, it's hard to tell which side is which on the little port. For something you have to charge every day, it's not great. Would be really cool if they made a mini magsafe though, as small as micro usb, but snaps right in.
I don't think Apple having the ability to grant permission for all applications is a good thing. It's going to be a nightmare for developers, an annoyance for users. It's 2012. How often do you really worry about security and what programs are legit? It wont help fight piracy unless they locked down everything, which they are not going to do. It's not so much about 'increasing security and reducing piracy' as it is them trying to push their App Store distribution channel....
Is this really that significant? The headline makes it sound like a major shift transitioning to iPhone, but.. The article says 'Haliburton will buying thousands of iPhones.... currently about 4,500 employes use RIM devices' . Less than 5,000? Apple must sell this many in a few minutes on a regular day.
I've been using iOS for years, but just got a kindle fire (built on android), and you really can feel the difference in stability and security. Amazon has an official (but extremely limited) app store, so to find a larger selection of apps to install you have to search in the wild, google etc, and, truthfully, anything can be junk or a virus or something harmful, it's really impossible to know. It's not like on a PC where most everything you find is trusted and you have...
While I agree completely that the Kindle Fire will fragment Android and always be a weird intermediate tablet - not as good as the iPad - That 200 dollar price point is HUGE.. Honestly - it plays videos, some games, browses the web, of course reads books.. I think it's going to do really well because it's actually affordable. Especially with holiday season coming up, 500$ is a LOT to spend on a gift for anyone, but 200 is reasonable.
The problem with a free 3GS is that you'll still be paying for the same ultra-premium data/voice plans. It's still 3G, sure, but its nowhere near the high end phones of today that justify crazy two year contracts. You'll save in short term, but it's hardly worth it overall. If you don't care enough about top of the line features, probably better to get a midrange android phone or a dumbphone with cheaper plans.
Rumor debunked by foxconn insider einsteinbqat!!
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