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You realize, they are also making several billion? And I am a paying customer? Technology advances. They build 4G towers so they can keep their customers and stay competitive, NOT so they can charge more to everyone. Whose koolaid are you drinking? Apple will spend hundreds of millions developing an iPhone 5, but they wont charge 250 for it because its a new model. You pay a certain price, they upgrade, you get their upgrades and keep paying that adopted price. That's how...
That would be great if they didn't charge up the ass for it. Seems like prices keep going up with phone service. We're paying the same, or more for 3G today than we were four years ago now that everything is capped. And text message plans are the absolute biggest rip there is. I could see the iPhone 6 coming out in a year and a half with 4G and everyone bumping the mandatory data plans another 10 bucks in addition to the already absurd prices.
Getting thinner doesn't matter much to me anymore. I'd rather they kept it the size they have and focus on packing more cpu power and batteries into the things.
That resolution packed into 10 inches blows my mind. Can't believe a full res bluray video would only take up 75% of this. I'm not in the market for an iPad but if I was, I'd really hold off, this is an incredible upgrade and worth the wait, assuming its out in 11 months or less.
Glad they are looking at this stuff. It's getting increasingly annoying to browse through the free section, when you realize a good chunk of the stuff actually has hidden purchases. Most of the time I wont even check out a free app if I know they will be pushing extra content to buy inside of it. Sometimes it's fine, but sometimes it feels really manipulative and shouldn't be in the free listings at all.
The slider nature in general just doesn't make sense, looks awkward since we are so used to seeing buttons like that on the iphone. OSX is not a touch system, it is a simple click button. Why make it look like touch controls, and why give it a little animation it doesn't need?
I almost think since there was bad press about small Verizon iPhone lines, they intentionally did not offer pre-orders on this one just to ensure bigger lines today.
I think they really need to give the UI a huge overhaul for the iPad. It's starting to look very plain when you see newer tablets with stuff like Honeycomb and the Blackberry OS. I like simple, but a 5 x 6 grid of square icons is not going to hold up forever. And the multitasking popup / settings bar should take more advantage of the large tablet form factor beyond a tiny sideswiping bar. I'd like to see a well thought out and more functional lockscreen at the very least...
Will switching carriers require getting a new number?
4G sounds nice, but do most of us need it? No. So I'm worried they would set the data plans at higher prices for everyone regardless if they want or can even use 4G, like the evo. These plans are getting so expensive with no sign of ever going down. I love the iPhone but if they raise the monthly price any further next gen, I would drop it in a second in favor of a dumbphone and a ipod touch on the side.
New Posts  All Forums: