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This afternoon when I tried it it was about 10-15 seconds to get a video to start.. About 10 minutes ago the video wasn't loading at all.. Their servers are getting killed.Overall though, I feel kinda ripped off. Bought it on a impulse.. and to be honest it's not the best experience. The browser itself is ok, but a bit sluggish compared to safari. Waiting for stuff to load on another server side is almost annoying enough to not deal with it.. And, more annoying, since it...
The old apple TV came out years ago when it was given the 3/5. This version shows more promise, but as of now, it is a disappointment. Very limiting in terms of selection, pricing models, no subscriptions or purchases stored in the cloud, no apps. Poor codec support. No air play, yet. I can see this thing getting much better over time but right now its quite mediocre. It's very similar to what the roku/amazon/netflix partnership has been doing for almost two years.
Can someone who has done this explain what happens when you 'slide to jailbreak'? I'm kindof amazed that its even possible over the net by simply pushing a button. Just curious if it does it immediately, some sort of download, any other steps to take, how long. etc.
You applefanboys are absurd. A guy posts 'the iphone4 has a bad image with normal people right now' and you all attack him? As soon as I tell someone I got an iphone4, the first thing they always say is 'I heard it has problems.. is that happening with yours?' These are regular people. Look, as someone with an iphone4, at least in my experience, the thing works great. I've had no problems, and I think this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion, even for...
thanks! just saw your post right after I submitted. will do this now.
Can anyone check the exact version number? (on osx) I was using the 9.2 beta, and I'm not seeing an option to install this official update. Mine says version 9.2f1 (45) Just curious what the official one says or if I pretty much have it.
I am probably in the minority, but I did start to have problems with my jailbroken phone that caused me to revert back to normal. At first I figured it was just ATT being screwy, but my phone started missing calls, not ringing or even giving a missed call message at all, sometimes going straight to voice mail, some texts not being sent.. It had never happened in the year and a half since I got the phone, and then started happening all of a sudden for a few weeks until i...
New Posts  All Forums: