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  True. I think lack of proper OpenCL is a major shortcoming. Although CUDA is more mature and you can get lots of things done with it... I still wish there was CUDA option for the MAC PRO. I would have bought it for my work...
the issue is that research/industry software packages such as Cadence or MATLAB support CUDA and it would have been great to have CUDA NVIDIA there. 
I am a bit surprised that Apple went with ATI. The CUDA by NVIDIA is more accepted in the industry. For PRO users that is an important point...
Two interesting threads on SemiWIKI   http://www.semiwiki.com/forum/content/1940-debunked-tsmc-apple-rumors.html   http://www.semiwiki.com/forum/content/2763-intel-bay-trail-fail.html   In both, it is claimed that Samsung for A7 and TSMC for the next iPhone.
I think they need to improve FaceTime. It was good to have 1-1 a few years ago but I think it is time to improve it and move to video conferencing as well. although perhaps this omission is intentional for simplicity.
What I am wondering is what features would this "cheaper" iphone have that the more "expensive" one would not have? What advantages would it have for Apple and for the people who would buy it?    Apple is not a commodity/handset maker! This strategy is good for companies like RIM who are struggling and every little helps them. 
This made me speechless         source from twitter:   http://t.co/KAQ7qcKz
  You are indeed spot on! I think the problem is that the Apple maps are similar to the Openstreetmaps in terms of rendering. You will not get detailed information unless you zoom in completely. This may introduce less clutter but at the same time you lose valuable information on maps which defeats the whole point of a map!
  I think the point is that Map is a core function of the mobile phone. Everyone looks at Google maps as the best and I can promise you that Google/Moto/Samsung et al will make a point of it in their advertisement.   This has the potential of market loss if in the next month or so they do not solve the problem!
Many thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: