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Has anyone used the new maps by any chance? I am on iphone 4 and if the new maps is not so good, I may have to stay on ios 5!
This investment is not just for Apple, Texas has been really good with attracting new start ups and I think this investment by Samsung is to ensure that the production source is actually closer to where the demand lies.    Many of these start up/big companies would require many chip runs until they get it right as well. So all and all it is good. 
  Indeed... The Verge started well but its comment section has gone down the hill...
  - I have not seen it anywhere in the user interface. It shows up in the preferences but it is not intrusive and if it is off, then no issues at all. Also the tab in Safari can be removed so if social media not your cup of tea then it wont cause problem for you, otherwise it is OK I think.   - Could not agree with you even more (if it makes sense!)   - The problem with Messages starts when you start using other services like Google chat with it. It sometimes unifies all...
  Well, no one is forcing you to use it! Do not log into the social media part of notification centre and it wont be there! So no one will be upset about it I think!   Second point: You are referring to Gizmodo... that sums it up for me!   The only downside of this update is the Messages! It is currently a mess and will be like this until iOS6 comes out! The current issues with Messages will be addressed then.
  Agreed... I am surprised they did not update them for so long!
  Although for performance related and bug fix related updates, this would be welcomed, for other updates it can cause problems. For instance The Telegraph (UK) updated its app to charge for content. However, if you did not update the app, you managed to continue using the free service for some time. I think in this context, having manual update may be a good idea.
Last time someone mentioned "fully open" it was the open sourcing of WebOS...................... story continues ...................
  Same goes for iOS!   There are a few items hidden in the more section of the Music section! Making them standalone may be a good idea!
Any iTunes diet is welcomed... 
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