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Maybe this is the new version of iPhone 4S which thinner and smaller! and the real iPhone 5 is for next September? 
This is a good move and I think it is as important as the TV that everyone talks about! Home automation is an area with great potential and no obvious competition (on paper many companies are competing but nothing meaningful!)
There are two issues that really annoy me on office for Mac.   1. Office for mac does not read the captions inside text boxes for tables/images etc. This means that if you want to make a List of Tables or List of Figures at the beginning of your document, you should open it on a Windows PC and make the list on a Windows Word. Then save the document and copy it to Mac again! This is just outrageous!    2. It takes a bit too long for Outlook to load on both Mac and...
Any storage device converts energy from one form to another! Going back to the topic at hand, please take time to read the PDF I posted. Have a look at it!
For anyone interested in more information on this issue have a look at this presentation by a company called Hydrogen Horizons http://www.nanomicroclub.com/events/...ge-systems.pdf Otherwise please do a search on Google Books for Fuel Cell Energy Storage!
1. Fuel Cells are not a mean of generating energy as you and others have put it (its purpose here is to store the overhead energy made by the solar cells)! 2. Fuel Cells are used to store energy and manage extra electricity production 3. The Fuel Cells are used to store the extra energy generated by the Solar Cells throughout the day so they can use them at night or at peak times! 4. This is common practice to regulate energy made by renewable sources (like sun or wind)...
I am not sure about Google actually! As Tim Cook said in his phone conference, there is another competitor out there which is not Google (referring to MS). I think Google would not be the main competitor for at least until they are done with the acquisition of MOTO and refining the software/hardware package. This gives another year to both Apple and MS. Google was initially a threat to MS but MS managed to steer clear and it is now on the safe side. For instance Google...
Valid point indeed...
What you are saying is also right and I think no one but Apple and the vendor that fabricated them know about it. However, if I am not mistaken, TSMC is the supplier of these devices. Based on the experience that I have had with TSMC their yield is usually low! and we were not even working at 32nm! Their yield should be much lower at 32nm but if they can recycle it like the way they have done it, then it would be worthwhile!
Whenever a chip is fabricated, tests are performed on them to ensure that hey all work correctly. There are times that parts of the chip may work and others won't (this defines the number of faulty chips and the yield of the fabrication process) What Apple is doing here is that if there is at least one functional core, they put it in the Apple TV instead of throwing the chip away.
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