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Now if the TV can support 3D without the need for goggles and also no headache then I think we are in business!
Although everyone is right to criticise HP for its shortcomings in 1. HP printers could have a much better interface as opposed to a messy interface and lots of non essential software that they try to push to you (this is not limited to HP though) 2. Horrible website that I as a buyer would not really use for support! 3. Horrible sale website with models that cannot be distinguished from one another! I mean they do not need to become like Apple and only have one...
I am just hoping that in Mountain Lion, iTunes is divided into two units; music and video! This will be in line with iOS 5 as well which has them separated!
Although you raise valid points here about Mike Daisey's work and the blogsphere, but, Mike Daisey did portray his work as "news" and did not do anything to make sure others will take it as fiction rather than "news". Now that some facts have come to light, he is claiming his work is theatre and not news! I think that is a bit dishonest and he could have done way better!
This is the wrong way of approaching the problem! what this guy has done is and will hurt future campaigns for workers' rights. Because from now on, many people may not believe some stories that may even be true! This is not just about Apple and it affects the whole industry and also the business model that China is built upon. I do not believe that iPads are made in sweatshops but I am happy that some workers got a pay rise that they do deserve! -- I just read this...
This is good news because the MBP are getting a bit too thick/heavy for 2012! They are good products but need to be trimmed a bit!
I am not sure you can do that! Because developers have to disclose their secrets to other developers which can complicate things ...
I agree you cannot do that lightly. However you can restrict the amount of code you dedicate to future versions of Android and rebrand your build to a different name. You could even create a new OS based on some core functionalities of the current open source Android and with the rest of the code being proprietary. Again I agree with you that it is not Easy to do but the current Android business model is not sustainable!
I think Google's approach must change! I think the options for Android are: 1. Have an OS that provides core functionality and is open to everyone to use. But have your own Google flavoured version. This is similar to the WebKIT model. The core is similar but Safari and Chrome flavours are out there. 2. Follow an Apple model and stop releasing Android. Put it on Moto hardware and sell it under the Google/Moto brand only. The rest of the industry can move to...
I did not know the price of the older iPads are on the rise?
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