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how on earth you managed to conclude all that from my post!
I think Galaxy SII is a good mobile phone from the hardware point of view. I think for iPhone 5 Apple would move its hardware technology to something similar to SII given its thinner profile. (I have iPhone4 and I think the hardware is good!) However in terms of software it is a different story altogether!
I am a bit confused so any help would be appreciated. Is Apple finally going to implement native resolution support or still sticking with VNC? (as in when you log in remotely, the screen resolution changes to the resolution of the device you are logging from?)
I think it all goes down to cost! It may be cheaper to hire someone to do it than to invest in a robot and electricity etc. This also may have the effect of having to change the manufacturing line somewhere up or down the line to have more robots and the list goes on. I think if they start modernising the manufacturing line, then they could lose their edge over other countries like Brazil. Saying that, I agree with you! We need more automation on the line
I personally prefer Apple TV as oppose to iTV. I think the former is a much nicer name!
My question is that how much money the other 87% of developers made in the same period? Also BB OS is a bit behind iOS and Android in feature, are these apps are for providing the same functionality that comes as a given in other platforms? Nonetheless this is good for their developers, and I wish them the best! sorry to be a bit doom/gloom but I think they are valid questions.
I am not really sure I follow the logic of this article! SJ was alive in November 2010 so the offering to Samsung has nothing to do with the "far cry" mentioned in this post.
This news just reminds me of Mac World 1998 http://youtu.be/LWuR88AIKLg?t=6m12s Just watch it Quote from the movie "we only need 4 great products with 4 A-teams working on each one of them!"
Dude you are my hero!
They may be falling in the mobile market but MS is doing well in the enterprise segment! I think that is the reason that Ballmer is in his job. Nonetheless they should try working on the mobile products for the enterprise soon. That is a segment which is not tapped on properly.
New Posts  All Forums: