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I think Amazon has got it right. Instead of competing with iPad they are going for a niche area that they can do well. What they do is not for me but they are picking up a segment of the market and are trying to evolve their product there. I can respect that.
so basically they have said that Apple should 1.buy another company 2.pay dividend 3.buyback shares! 4.use the money to prepurchase components Which is all you can do with it (apart from increasing wages or building a new headquarters or more R&D which are partly mentioned in the report!!!!!) Am I missing something here or MS just stated the obvious? On a more serious note, I just bought an iPad and very happy about it!
I really do hope that iOS does not become the new CNN in which you are constantly bombarded by Facebook et al. I think the problem for Apple is that it does not have a social product like Google with its G+. So it has to either use G+ or Facebook/Twitter. Since Google is the competitor then Facebook it is. I do not think the future is based on Facebook model but the G+ model instead. So it may worth Apple spending some time and figuring this one out and the answer is...
Indeed...which, hopefully, translates into more exciting products in the pipeline. (good comment!)
I have to say that I am not a big fan of "selected partner" business model. If I give my information to Apple, then I expect it to remain with Apple and for that matter if I give it to Google or FT I expect it to remain there. They can provide further services based on that, like what Google does, but should not create a 2ndary market to sell and purchase the data. I do not want to sound doom&gloom but the advertising field is heading for a subprime market kind of crash...
I think Acer still thinks that the end user is like this: http://www.computing.net/answers/win...ssor/1694.html Time for Acer to change its strategy if it has not already done so!
Do not be too harsh!Ping: I think it should be dropped in favour of Twitter. I do not use it myself but if people want to use it, then let them have a Twitter account. I cannot really see an added value here by spending money on Ping, money better spend on other things!iCloud: no one knows the exact details and we can find out in two days Rip off: I do not really care whether it is a rip off nor should you! Does it work and does it do what you want it to do? If it turned...
Maybe the release date is in 2011
iAd was developed by Apple to make it easier for its developers to make money. Whether it did that or not is another story.
Your questions in the only thing that makes sense on this thread
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