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For the MMAPI please look athttp://java.sun.com/products/mmapi/overview.html It provides an interface for audio/video capabilities of JAVAME. This version of Java is aimed at embedded systems, which can include mobile phones. For the time being Android does not support MMAPI. I have a feeling that they want to role out their own multimedia layer, which kind of makes sense. Saying all that, other files are more interesting.
Note1) No he is not having his ... handed to him. I am following the comments too. Although his article is not the best article on this topic, short and useless in my opinion. Try this one which has better detailed analysis:http://arstechnica.com/open-source/n...moking-gun.ars Note2) I do not think this code made it to the build and it is more likely for test purposes. Because the code is part of the MMAPI wrapper and Android does not use MMAPI! Please let me know if you...
What I do not understand is that why they are asking Apple for such detailed information. There are two reason why Apple cannot release such information. 1) It cannot because those companies are not OWNED by Apple 2) It cannot because it does not know! Again because they are not OWNED by Apple. They are not asking for general information, like is company X a supplier to your company. They are asking what happened on a particular day in company X that supplies parts to...
Not sure whether that is the Apple way though! What Apple currently has is OK I think.
I am rather skeptical about these endeavors. They all think that by releasing a software and allowing companies like Toshiba and alike to do whatever they want, they can create a successful business! You need research on HCI and provide synced products available on the system. Last time I checked only two company were doing that, Apple & HTC in partnership with Google!
My bad! Should have read carefully!
Maybe we could use the Magic Trackpad for that? The controllers could be on the screen and we use the trackpad to control,zoom etc. Just a thought!
It is just about the pile of cash that Apple has! They want dividends.
I think the issue is that it is allowed and can be done for other environments! Why hasn't it been done yet? We can blame iOS terms of service for this particular case but what about other systems?
hmmmm I think nvidia2008 only posted a humorous response to the Flash problem. I have been laughing at it since I read it 10min ago Resolving Flash CPU usage by vacuum cleaner is equivalent to blaming Steve Jobs for this:Daily Mail Article
New Posts  All Forums: