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Can it? Note1) why hasn't it happen yet? Note2) if something can make money, everyone would use it to make more money! Apple would use it to make more money as well. Note3) The Adobe Air marketplace has been around for so long! How many apps have you bought/developed for Adobe Air?
Note1) Everyone is saying that it is a choice for the consumer to make. I beg to differ. The consumer has no say in this issue. Are there online elections taking place for people to vote on what software a particular developer should be using? Or which software a particular company should use to design its website? Note2) Since when Flash has become the good guy in town! Flash is just a plugin that used to be used in older days in which browsers were not strong enough to...
Why would you want to make an iPhone nano? You want an iPhone nano, buy a Nokia phone! These so called researchers have nothing else to talk about. On a more exciting note, the Physics Nobel prize went to Andre Geim, Konstantin Novoselov. Let's talk about using Graphene in macs
It says a lot about this guys grasp of technology!
Is it me or: 1-SI is publicly announcing that they have a rubbish app because they want to concentrate on other businesses (whatever that means) 2- These other potential businesses have no name! Is this story right?
A few notes: The dominant engine on mobile devices, Android or iOS, is WebKit which is the backbone of Chrome and Safari! Opera uses Presto. All of these platforms support HTML5. IE9 is purpose built for HTML5 as well however it will not be available for Win XP. I think they are going to release it in the next few days! Even in the PC market adding Firefox to the list and the incoming IE9 one can conclude the majority of NEW computers will support HTML5 by the end of this...
Could you please give us a few citations about these claims, for instance court proceedings that supports your claims. The guy made HP a leaner and more successful company. I think he did well for that company.
At last someone with some common sense!
What on earth are you on about! I call troll on this one too!
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