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As I said about 10 years ago, on this very forum - this is the future of all Apple hardware. The only surprise is how long it has taken Apple to implement this business model. Extending a products lifespan via upgrades hurts Apple's bottom line - they'd much rather tie you into a consumable model. Apple can then shorten the buying cycle via expedited obsolescence. Even the Mac Pro is heading that way. And the killer is that if you want to 'upgrade' your spec to a...
My biggest take away from this is that they've finally gotten rid if that God awful 3D dock. I wonder how long it will take Adobe to butcher the new UI and bolt on an abortion of an interface?
Is this iDisk with a new name/icon? iDisk synchronisation was an utter disaster for me in the past - no reason to believe that it'll work any better this time around?
I bet you Quark can't believe their luck right now...   Talk about about being handed a second chance - with a frickin' bow on top!
Dear Apple,   Thanks for making a moral judgement, on my behalf, without my even knowing about it.   Also thanks for deciding for me, which emails I need to see and which I don't, without my even knowing about it.   ---   I wonder how people would feel about the Royal Mail opening all our letters and deciding whether we should see them? Maybe just bin the letters they don't think we should see?
Fantastic - thanks for that!
Hi guys, apologies if this had been covered elsewhere. Does anybody know if the non Retina Display 13inch MacBook Pro is user upgradeable? I note on Apple's technical specs that it says 'Configurable at Apple Store only'. Does this mean that the memory is physically soldered onto the motherboard like the MBA & RD MBP? Or can I still buy an memory upgrade further down the line? Many thanks!
I can't find a Mac mini at any of my local resellers.
I hope they don't go back down the original MacBook Air route and try and sell 'less product' for 'more money'. Remember that debacle? The MBA didn't start to sell in any realistic volume until it was priced correctly.
Today the smart money for businesses is in IP, not manufacture.   I'm not sure how that model can be made to serve society however...
New Posts  All Forums: