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Apple = Monsanto
Apple, the new Monsanto
Apple the Monsanto of the tech world.
Apple = Monsanto.
Apple = Monsanto
hmmm. i wonder if this suit pertains to both windows and android phones or just android.
Makes sense...it is stated that Women and Asians love Iphones and both are the biggest growth market for smart phones.
It's like saying that Porsche is failing because it's selling fewer cars than Ford. Not everybody likes Porsches, and a Porsche isn't the right car for a large number of people - who might prefer something cheaper and more practical. Nevertheless, all Porsches are aimed at a relatively affluent market segment and turn a much higher profit margin than a Ford Focus does.[/QUOTE] I prefer the analogy where Apple is Gucci and Android is Urban Outfitters. Apple serves one...
very interesting. i wonder if apple will open facetime over 3g.
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