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Another sign that the company is treating its employees ok? Despite recent departures (Serlet and Johnson), the senior team, all of whom could become CEOs elsewhere, has remained quite static. And they only promote internally. See also how Jobs is not afraid to share the stage during the ] That's not a measure because its not comparing it to the standard within silicon valley. I wonder what their employee turnover rate is like. ibm and netflix have the lowest...
I guess the best measure is to see how they treat their own employees. I think that would show how much they really care about giving back. I really do hope they do treat their employees well but I never hear anything about that other than the Apple bus which most Tech Companies in Silicon Valley already have. I know that some store employees are trying to form a union which shows there is discontent in that area.
i'm glad that apple is FINALLY employing this. People can save money so they don't have to buy wires (i had to buy at least 3 or 4 of them because of wear and tear and they aren't cheap!!).
http://www.businessinsider.com/10-un...ve-jobs-2011-2No judgements!!
Is China Mobile in Hong Kong? This makes sense since Apple is launching the Iphone 5 in September according to an earlier Appleinsider post.
For all I know all of those donations could have gone to the Church of Scientology which still qualifies for 501c! I wish there were more details.
What any of this has to do with the relationship between MAC and PC profits is beyond me. Bill Gates net worth is still increasing, yes his philanthropy is likely unmatched, but it is silly to say he is giving all his money away. He is still worth roughly 7 times what Jobs is. He still lives in his 30 million dollar house. Some of you make it sound like he handed all his money over to the foundation, packed up his shopping cart and found a comfy freeway...
wow that's a response Sarah Palin or Ron Paul would make....very laissez-faire!
Apple is well known to have very deep pockets and short arms...as is most of Silicon Valley and with very few exceptions.....
I think MACs are great because Apple makes it easy for anyone to use but for a price....how about those who can't afford Apple's price premium? It is why you'll still see Windows operated PC's and usually those who buy these computers aren't really tech savvy and can't afford to get training. I wish there were more suppliers that sold Ubutu PC's for those who can't Apples. You'd probably see less PC crashes.
New Posts  All Forums: