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I can see an Apple/Samsung deal in the near future where Samsung does not sue Apple for copyrights on televisions since Samsung holds most patents for apps on televisions.
That's not their niche. Apple is more interested in being a quality leader whatever form that may be.... This means they are not interested in selling their products to the poor or the underprivileged which is most likely why they never donate any of their profits.
Here's their website http://www.yankeegroup.com/home.do They are the suppliers of the data. By looking at their website, are they reputable enough?
Sorry "East" Asians.
I read somewhere in an article that Asians prefer Apple compared to other ethnic groups. It makes sense to launch in China first.
Do you think Samsung's ONLY product is their phone? Hello!!! They sell HDTV sets, home appliances like dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges and you think that Apple contributed to their drop in profit? Their mobile phone market is a tiny fraction of their business!
.....maybe Apple knows where Osama bin Laden is hiding.
Did I say the technology was ready now? Many fanboys are so short-sited and never one-step ahead..I guess it's a generational difference.
Well said.
I'm happy with my TMo service...It's the cheapest and whenever I travel to Europe, I have no problems connecting to their network! You can't say that about AT&T or Verizon.
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