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Hey, at least they have a 4G LTE network! They have theirs up before AT&T and Verizon!
There is no new groundwork for laying down fiber optics. It's a dead technology. It just costs too much money to maintain. Verizon can catchup with AT&T without having to lay down new cables while AT&T is stuck with their large network (which they may be in charge of their removal as well). You realize in the near future they will go up against other companies such as DishTV, Viacom and Cox for those same customers? Also, why do you need cable t.v. if you can stream...
AT&T has nothing to gain from doing this because it will cannabalize their DSL market. This technology will allow Verizon and other companies to go into competition for Home Networks especially since 4G will eventually be faster than DSL and Cable data connections.
1) I don't have that problem with TMobile so I don't know what you are talking about. 2) of course it happens with large files...when you download files on your computer/laptop/Mac does it work every time? 3) Not unless you have it plugged...besides why are you downloading from BitTorrents with your phone anyway?
I don't think Hot Spots are useless especially if you can't WiFi connect. I can use my Hotspot and connect both my and my friends Ipads. It's not great if you are downloading from BitTorrents but if you aren't doing that, it's just fine.
Wait til WWDC 2011 and you'll see a Iphone 4G LTE (with both Verizon, AT&T (possibly Sprint) which can do both.
What's funny they'll probably get a lot of people to get the Iphone 4 however they will be suckered because Apple will announce the Iphone 4G LTE at WWDC 2011. Also, the current Iphone 4 won't be compatible to LTE technology which means you'll have to fork even MORE money over. Don't fanboys watch Apple's pattern? stupid..
Wouldn't it be better that the new iphone had a dual-core processor, 4G on AT&T's network, DLNA ready and WiFi Hotspot/Tethering/Call ability? You fanboys never seem to get priorities right.
Did you all forget that AT&T delivers phone and DSL connections to homes?? This means that they are REALLY in a pickle. They will eventually have to face cannibalization thanks to wireless tech (and Android with their ability to WiFi hotspot). Eventually wireless tech will be able match and possibly surpass their DSL speeds while at the same time offer more services. I wouldnt be surprised in the near future you would be able to stream HBO from your phone to the...
I use EMusic...cheaper than BOTH Itunes and Amazon!
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