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LOL. AT&T's 3G is probably faster than everyone else's but out of the major five but the others all have and are focusing on 4g ...including Metro PCS! This means that AT&T is in 5th and soon to be 6th if U.S. Cellular could get their 4G system out.
If you are speaking about hardware alone, you are correct...but if you were talking about software, the IOS version is a very good version of the Android's 1.6.
I just remember there was a time where content like this was free on the web. Thank you Apple for creating Apps and your App Store. You have created an evironment of exclusitivity rather than one that is inclusive. With your Apps, the web is longer free.
Makes sense since most people from that era are Ipod/Ipad/Iphone users anyways.
I don't know about you but Angry Birds works just fine on my Vibrant and the 2 million downloads means that it works many handsets. I guess Apple is working with a limited skillset which is why they find it (Android) so difficult.
I wonder why there are no reports for dropped calls on the Blackberry for AT&T. Can we get a hardware analysis please?
I rather have them call it the GSpot.
Did I not mention a cloud based ITunes? You people did not believe me that Apple is trying to be the internet's version to WalMart.
WalMart is known to be king of the supply chain but offers no competition to Apple in distributing music. This is because Apple controls digital distribution of music. Once Apple moves ITunes to the cloud, you will see their music sales double because they will be able to control illegal downloads.
I am not sure why many people on this board are anti-WalMart. Both Apple and WalMart are very similar where both companies want almost absolute control of the supply chain.
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