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Spoken like a true capitalist!
[QUOTE=lowededwookie;1630372]That's an incredibly racist comment. Are you implying that China is unethical? Merely because FOX news says it is doesn't make it so. The Chinese are very hard working people and often take jobs that no one else wants. Huh? I think you missed my point. I said ALL companies are unethical to some degree. Also, Fox News in the US supports businesses in China. They support free trade between the two countries or any country as a matter...
You mean to tell me that offshoring jobs (like the manufacturing jobs that help put the iphone together) is ethical for the American worker? hmmmm.
all companies are unethical to a degree. if apple is ethical, why is it doing business in China?
WalMart has terrible customer service and has tight controls over it's content (just like Apple). WalMart is also a very successful business and has innovated the merchandising industry with their approach to supply chain management. Apple seems to be following that path except that it pays a premium for customer service. It'll be interesting to see what happens from this different business approach.
People loved, Loved, LOVED America-On-Line. They loved the things that they can do on it and it's pleasantly controlled content. Fans would defend it tooth and nail. I just realized, Apple is not mimicking Microsoft, it's mimicking AOL and we all know what happened to AOL. Hopefully Apple is not as delusional and do something about it rather than talk.
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