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iOS created lots of wasted space for the iPad, most especially the Pro.
On a small screen like a smartphone I can't really tell the difference between 1080p and 720p..but that's just me.
I'm sure they'll work something out minus the physical CDs in stores. The amount of money they've thrown on exclusivity in Apple Music with Drake, Pharell, etc.. Why not get Adele in?
Can't wait to use the middle finger emoji..save me time having to type f u
I'm surprised Apple hasn't bought Duck Duck Go..yet Seems like a no-brainer acquisition given how they've been beefing up Siri and search.
how about on the iPhone? You know what's even better? An attachment button that's readily available and discoverable..say on the right side of the subject bar in mail..
I still don't understand why there's no attachment button in mail..
Android users will never have any data on Sexual Activity..
It still bothers me that the pointer on those pop-up bubbles in iOS is rounded.
Ok. Since I'm never sure if "liking" a sad post shows support or that I like the sad thing that's happened to someone..
New Posts  All Forums: