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Need more retailer support
There's no Compu Box stats for number of hugs, arm locks, and miles ran around the ring. Did you even see the fight? Yes, Mayweather clearly won but the way he won was why it was such a terrible fight priced for $100 and even way more for those that bought tickets. Pacquiao fought with a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder, clearly wasn't himself fighting, shows his greed as well as the fight should've been postponed..
Mayweather's money should be recouped for doing this..
Screwthat.. They should refund everyone who paid $100 for that lame fight. At least Mayweather should forfeit his earnings for the 12 rounds of running and hugging he did. It didn't even come close to living up to the hype.
"Apple Watch is racist!" - Rev. Al Sharpton
All they had to was remove the Pebble reference and get back in the AppStore.. Instead they went and b !tch about it in the media. I'm guessing for publicity?
I say why not? Much better investment than Beats..
Teens are probably not the target demographic for the Apple Watch.. I doubt their parents would be spending that much on an accessory..Those kids need to finish school and get decent paying jobs first..
Apple watch is so awesome, Drake had to grab his crotch for dear life..
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