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"Apple Watch is racist!" - Rev. Al Sharpton
All they had to was remove the Pebble reference and get back in the AppStore.. Instead they went and b !tch about it in the media. I'm guessing for publicity?
I say why not? Much better investment than Beats..
Teens are probably not the target demographic for the Apple Watch.. I doubt their parents would be spending that much on an accessory..Those kids need to finish school and get decent paying jobs first..
Apple watch is so awesome, Drake had to grab his crotch for dear life..
Finally!!! But I'll for a while to see and hope they bundle all six films at a cheaper price.
Unless they secured exclusives from all artists sure it'll hurt Beats.. There are plenty of artists out there. I'm sure Beats/Apple has exclusives already signed or planned. Plus having the kind money Apple has and music industry connected people like Iovine and Dre I think gives them more advantage in securing more than deals.
This is exactly why the DOJ shouldn't have allowed the Comcast-NBC merger..
Apple needs to get in the context awareness game..for Siri and Notification Center..
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