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I would add Yahoo Sports to that list..
You're probably not his type.
And now the banks are competing amongst each other to get people to use their cards.. I can see retailers offering incentives like this to get people to use Apple Pay.. Win-win for everyone involved and consumers..
Most people likely were trying to upgrade over the air vs via iTunes..
Doesn't help that iOS 8 requires a big as$ storage space to install..
It'll take the latest Android version 2-3 years to reach 47% adoption..
Gold after all..is expensive..
Asians seems to he missing from that list. Not all Asians get scholarships and are automatically in the Tech industry.
Hell has frozen over.. Crows have turned white.. And Steve Jobs is rolling over his grave.
2.5" screen size for a wearable device? That sounds like something Samsung would make..
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