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Apple needs to get in the context awareness game..for Siri and Notification Center..
Adding more banks is great..but what good would that be if I can't use it in a lot of places..They got the biggest banks on board which is good but Apple needs to get more retailers..merchants on board as well more small businesses..
iOS will need to support stylus with pressure natively..
Thank you T-Mobile
It's still two speakers..just placed on opposite sides..which is how stereo speakers should be..
Apple pūssied out..
Well..it'd be awkward and insulting if they use his money to buy Chromebooks..
I would add Yahoo Sports to that list..
You're probably not his type.
And now the banks are competing amongst each other to get people to use their cards.. I can see retailers offering incentives like this to get people to use Apple Pay.. Win-win for everyone involved and consumers..
New Posts  All Forums: