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He couldn't stand working under Forstall anymore. That's the most logical reason.
Apple developed about 46 themselves and acquired the rest of those patents from not only Nortel but Freescale, who both help lead the development of LTE. That may say something about the value of Apple's LTE patents. Apple will also most likely use Qualcomm's chips. Worst case Apple will use those LTE patents they own to sue Samsung back.. 
What the hell is NFR? National Finals Rodeo?
yo! Apple.. How about releasing iBooks for Macs before Apple TV? That'd be great.
Amazon has the same licensing. Shouldn't he be suing the labels over this?
Must be something new. The A5X is big and sure isn't going to fit in an iPhone..
Wish Apple would just go ahead and put NFC on the next iPhone to future proof it. NFC can be used for other than e-wallets..
That Apple tech support rep is about to be fired.. If not, should be.
iPhone 4.1S
I like it.. It's different from all the ads they had in the past. They're selling their people and service this time and not really their product. Highlights and recognizes another important part of Apple's success, their Apple Store employees. Says a lot about how Apple treats its customers..there to help you. I'm sure their retail employees love the ad because for the first time, Apple brags about them.
New Posts  All Forums: