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The keyword is within the maps app.. It would've sucked it was a separate third party solution outside of the maps app. I think that means the maps app will become a platform.
It is how it is..no amount of complaints can change how Apple engineered this thing. Three words: BUY APPLE CARE
I probably should have but I'm a see it and try it first before buying kind of person..
That's a long wait. Does anyone know if the Apple Stores have the retina MBPs?
I guess the Weather and/or Calculator app will have to wait until iOS 7 or 8?
You need a security clearance to do business or a job for the DoD.. Whether it's TSC or just secret depends..
It's from the default wallpaper of iOS 5.1 on the iPad 3..
Or it could be this developer is an avid reader of Appleinsider, or Macrumors, or other Apple rumor sites and blogs, and read about retina graphics rumors coming to the Macs..
Because there were like 5 Australians who bought the iPad thinking 4G connectivity works and felt deceived cost Apple $2.25M..
So unlike Leap, Virgin iPhone will be unlocked thus the full $649 price?
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