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Did they test it using iOS 5 or iOS 6?
An injunction on what? Like 5 Galaxy Tabs collecting dust at Best Buy? Hardly anyone is buying that thing anyway..
Apple didn't spend hundreds of millions investing in maps just give Google the middle finger.. Apple has the money to buy the resource it needs to build up their maps solution up to par faster than when Google first started their mapping solution a decade ago.
NFC can be used other than e-wallets you know.. On the subject of mobile payments, with carriers, credit card companies, hardware manufacturers arguing over NFC who better to get NFC moving forward than the company known to do whatever the hell they want? Apple..
Are there even any human beings, or even animals showing on Apple's map?
iTunes 11
If I understood it correctly, it means there's going to be transit, walking, hiking, etc. except its coming from 3rd party developers, and it will be integrated inside the maps app. I take that to mean there's going to be plenty of choices soon.
The keyword is within the maps app.. It would've sucked it was a separate third party solution outside of the maps app. I think that means the maps app will become a platform.
It is how it is..no amount of complaints can change how Apple engineered this thing. Three words: BUY APPLE CARE
I probably should have but I'm a see it and try it first before buying kind of person..
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