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Don't hate the player.. Hate the game.. or Congress for that matter.
YES!!! I'm really hoping they do.
Good thing Siri answered Sam Jackson correctly or he would've cussed Siri out..
Yes.. I'm sure a guy who was EVP and CFO at one of the biggest airline company to take a lower ranking position at Apple is a "B" player.
I hope it's true.. It's not about the price for me but the size and portability.
They said Instagram has no business model and no clear plan of monetizing their service.. Turns out they have. Get Facebook to buy them and grossly overpay.
iTunes Extras for bonus features.. Although not all movies have it.
That's one expensive 9.8% worth of energy source..
I didn't realize Google invented facial recognition..
Apple bought Polar Rose, a Swedish company that specializes in Facial Recognition software a couple years back..
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