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Jeez, Mary, and Joseph..
Part of the deal is that AuthenTec will become a WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF APPLE.. So no it won't get shutdown just to keep it away from rivals Samsung, Motorola or HP, among others. Apparently Apple is paying another $7M to a team in AuthenTec to do something just for Apple. Apple is paying $20 million for rights to certain patents and then has an option to pay as much as $115 million for other patents it chooses.
Who's responsible for the tasteless skeumorphic crap on iOS and OSX? I'm still scratching my head.. Why? Why would they do such a thing? Now the damn software UI is becoming a complete mismatch with the modern elegant hardware design. May be Jony Ive and his team should design the UI for both OS.
So basically this confirms that the iPhone and iPod Touch are small tablets and not the other way around what people have been saying that the iPad is just a blown up iPhone/iPod Touch..
In China right now, thousands are lining up to apply for job to make iPhones.. Elsewhere around the world in the fall, thousands will be lining up to buy an iPhone..
Yep.. It's too early. They want to test how much outrage will come out of this first.
I don't know why old news is news again.. It's in his autobiography, and an audio interview that says he admires Zuckerberg..
Desperation shot.. They have to buy someone else's invention to sue Apple. That's something patent trolls and Non-Practicing Entity companies do, not HTC but when you're desperate..
http://www.apple.com/recycling/ I'm taking my old iMac to my neighborhood Apple Store for recycling..They're giving me a $163 gift card for my troubles.
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