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It doesn't matter if you know how to ignore things you don't care about. All human beings should know how to do that. We all see things we don't care about every day. This Facebook integration in iOS should be the same as Twitter where I just ignore and don't ever press the Tweet button since I don't have a Tweeter account.. No big deal.
If you're not on Facebook or Twitter or whatever, it shouldn't matter to you.. but there are millions of iOS users on Facebook and Twitter, and this kind of deep integration matters to a lot of these people.
If its really good.. I'm sure a significant number of people will. I see it as win-win for Apple if Google releases a stand alone maps app for iOS. iOS users will have the best of both worlds. The free turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps for Android has attracted a lot of people towards buying Android phones.
If Apple dumps Google maps, Google will simply (more likely) release a stand alone Google Maps app for iOS..
From a product stand-point? That's not his job. That's what he has Ive, Forstall, Mansfield, and rest of his team for.. He's done a lot innovation in the supply chain and logistics. But overall his job is to run the company in a way that allows his talented people to innovate.
It's a piece taken from the Bifrost..
And Apple will dominate the tablet market by even a wider margin by adding a 7" model to the line up.. I don't have an iPad but I would definitely buy one if it's 7". And I'm sure there a lot of people who would want one to.
Good decision by Apple.. BS or not, it's just not worth the hassle, money and resources to spend dealing with it. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF IT'S CALLED 4G OR NOT. LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BUY IT.
RIM did say Amateur hour is over.. on their PlayBook campaign. That worked out really well for them.
Don't hate the player.. Hate the game.. or Congress for that matter.
New Posts  All Forums: