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Of all patent lawsuits Apple is involved in..this is a pretty serious accusation.
Yes coz generic design like rectangle, curve corners, black bezel, etc cost millions and millions of R&D money.
Let's be realistic though.. How many do you think bought a Galaxy Tab and seriously thought they bought an Apple iPad?
I don't think anyone has ever bought a Galaxy Tab thinking they bought an iPad.. If you can read, and see the name Samsung printed on the front and back of the tablet, how in the hell would anyone confuse it for an iPad? If someone really wants to buy an iPad, that someone will buy an iPad. It's as simple as that. Apple needs to move on and stop wasting millions on legal fees and just go back to innovating and kicking the competition out of the open market by keep coming...
Well there goes Apple's opportunity and momentum of selling computers to the government down the drain. Bush signed an executive order requiring all federal agencies to use EPEAT when purchasing computers back in 2007. Also there are a lot of schools and corporations that require EPEAT certification. So it is a big deal and a setback..
That's a big ass phone.. I wouldn't be surprised if Samsung puts phone capabilities on their Galaxy Tabs.
Yes.. Because chatbots did not exist before this Chinese company invented it in 2006.
Apple will be filing a counter suit in the next few days or weeks..
If you know your Apple history, you should also know that Apple has a history of panning a market publicly, right up until they entered it.
Apple started, created, and dominate the tablet category..might as well completely own the category. Leave nothing uncovered.
New Posts  All Forums: