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Make sense if the iPhone becomes much bigger..
"David Fincher pulls out.." That's what she said.
It's either "It's Peter Misek, what'd you expect?" Or Apple's has lost it's damn mind..
Kuo just ruined his reputation on this..
The show button shape is hideous, lazily implemented..seems like Apple just did for the sake of those complaining about the text based buttons..
I think this is a win-win scenario for everyone.. Just have iOS integrated instead of taking over completely which would still allow car manufacturers to do what they want..and drivers who are not iPhone users don't have to deal with it..
Paid $16B to eliminate a threat..
Why not? PayPal has been in the payments game for a long time..makes sense a partnership of some kind could happen.
Wasted opportunity for Apple..Nest would've been a good use of those ridiculous billions of $ they're sitting on.
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