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Easier said than done when have "Exclusivity and contract" involved...
Good to know that the hearing impaired can now actually use a "phone". Who would have thought that when AG Bell among others first cooked up the telephone a long time ago.
WELL.. WE CAN ALL GO BACK TO BLAIMING AT&T after this software fix for all dropped calls and weak reception. This will definitely shift all the reception blame on AT&T.. Don't have a reception issue on my iPhone 4 anyways..
These lawyers will get millions and you'll get a $10 coupon. Good luck!
Oh no... I carry a paper clip with me all the time. I mean every single time... I intentionally strap a paper clip on the lower left corner of my phone. So I guess I won't be buying an iPhone 4 since I can't use my beloved paper clip with it...
From my understanding Hulu Plus has a larger library and shows you won't see on the free site...
Should you be surprised to see an ad-supported subscription? You pay for cable or satellite and you still get ads...No difference with Hulu... All you can hope is that the ads are not on the videos itself like you see on television but instead are banners located somewhere in the app.
To add more features perhaps? Features that are not on the iPhone or iPod Touch?
Yes! Finally... I can't wait... Ali Joone. You're my hero.
True... Not happening anytime soon. I spoke to an AT&T regional manager and he said AT&T just renewed its contract with Apple through 2014. All...Don't hold your breath! The only way Apple's phone ends up other than AT&T is if it's a completely different phone from the iPhone. I mean totally different phone with a different name.
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