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Maybe because he wears a suit to work that makes him "culturally incompatible" with Apple..
So how much did AT&T spend on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you know?
If your carrier has a great network and great coverage in your area, then get one. You won't have a problem no matter how long you death grip the s*** out of it. Ask people in your area who has an iPhone 4 if they have issues. Otherwise wait next year. Personally I do think it's overblown. I don't have the issue and neither does everyone I know who has the iPhone 4. But then again it's a real issue for a few people. Not all... Or you can get one, if your having antenna...
This the reality of leadership.. Military and Corporations. Your people and/or department screws up, your responsible, and you get fired more likely even if your not directly responsible.
Apparently the iPhone 4 was already being tested 2 years before it was released and obviously before Papermaster started working for Apple officially according to Mansfield during the press' tour at Apple's testing facility. Then another report said that Papermaster was responsible for the antenna and that he was indeed fired. http://techcrunch.com/2010/08/07/papermaster-out/ Interesting if true...
Question is would HTC, RIM, Nokia, Samsung, and others adopt FaceTime? Especially how Apple have pissed them off recently with the whole antenna mess.
Steve should've used Siri/Open Table on his iPhone to make a reservation...
Chics would dig this far more than dudes... Great concept I think...
Android is on a gazillion different handset on multiple carriers. It shouldn't be surprising that as a "collective" it'll outsell the iPhone. And it'll probably continue to do so. The day a single Android device outsells the iPhone would truly be newsworthy.
Once you go black you'll never go back..
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