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My friend who had the proximity sensor issue took his back to the Apple Store and had it replaced with a new unit that doesn't have that issue instead of b!tching about it online. He was in and out of the Apple Store. Problem solved. Perhaps those people with this issue should do the same.
People complaining about dropped calls and know it's caused by holding the lower left portion of the phone. Yet people continue to experience dropped calls because they insist on holding the lower left portion of the phone knowing that's what causes the dropped calls. If you feel strongly against changing the way you normally hold your phone then return your phone (AT&T is waiving restocking fee by the way - I know coz a friend of mine didn't get charged for it), or...
Didn't realize that. I only know three people (personally) who are deaf and none of them are bothered by that term. But thanks for the FYI. Definitely don't want to insult anyone.
True but no one has ever taken video calling to mainstream and I think that's what Apple is tying to do. Video calling capabilities on a mobile phone has been around for years now but no one has been able to make it popular. I had it on my old Nokia phone back in 2006. It hasn't caught on because no one has really promoted and pushed video calling on cellphones.Will Apple be one to take video calling mainstream? Remains to be seen..
If you're not going to use it, then don't use it and quit b!tching about it. Why do you have to be a jerk about something some people will actually use? Just coz you don't find it useful doesn't mean others won't. Since you obviously dont care about video calls, why should it matter to you whatever people will use FaceTime for?
Right and texting is a very personal experience. I have a deaf cousin who does have a phone to use for texting but but despite that he always says he has never truly used a phone even though he has one. Deaf people communicate well and on a personal level through sign language and seeing and reading someone's lips. I showed him my iPhone and let him experience FaceTime. He loved it so much he went out and bought one and is talking his hearing impaired friends into getting...
Easier said than done when have "Exclusivity and contract" involved...
Good to know that the hearing impaired can now actually use a "phone". Who would have thought that when AG Bell among others first cooked up the telephone a long time ago.
WELL.. WE CAN ALL GO BACK TO BLAIMING AT&T after this software fix for all dropped calls and weak reception. This will definitely shift all the reception blame on AT&T.. Don't have a reception issue on my iPhone 4 anyways..
These lawyers will get millions and you'll get a $10 coupon. Good luck!
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