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To add more features perhaps? Features that are not on the iPhone or iPod Touch?
Yes! Finally... I can't wait... Ali Joone. You're my hero.
True... Not happening anytime soon. I spoke to an AT&T regional manager and he said AT&T just renewed its contract with Apple through 2014. All...Don't hold your breath! The only way Apple's phone ends up other than AT&T is if it's a completely different phone from the iPhone. I mean totally different phone with a different name.
Yo! I'm thinking about starting a 1-900-FaceTime service... If you know any unemployed hot chicks send them over. If you're a venture capitalist, give me a holler! I need money to start it.
Do you know who's the most excited about FaceTime? The Adult Entertainment industry... A new more, personal, and private mastubatory tool...
No dude, didn't mean to say all iPhones in Japan doesn't have issues. I'm just saying not everyone has this problem... I sure don't... And none of the people I know personally who got their iPhone 4s have a problem... I still think they got a bad shipment of iPhone 4s. That's why the major news agencies are not reporting this yet until they're sure it's truly a widespread problem. After today and more and more are reporting issues, I'm sure CNN, AP, FOX, etc would be...
iPhone 4 users in Japan doesn't seem to have reception/antenna issues while holding it. Looks full bar to me... I THINK THOSE WHO GOT iPHONES ACTION PACKED WITH ISSUES JUST GOT THE BAD BATCH OF iPHONES. Mine doesn't have any of the issues some people seem to have.
Just like a bad batch of hash brownies... I say that because mine doesn't have any in-hand signal issues nor does it have any screen discoloration either. None of friends have those issues as well... More than likely those people got the shipment of bad iPhone 4s. We'll find out more today how many more of those bad phones are out there.
I've never seen nor done video calls on a phone in which quality is acceptable...I'll have to see how good the quality is FaceTime on wifi. I've done video calls via 3G, it just doesn't cut it.
Wow, all that because you couldn't pre-order...A device that won't be out til next week...A device that will be available until the next device replaces it next year...I can understand the enthusiasm but damn... People are acting like Apple's going run out of iPhones today and the world will end on June 25. Oh, I'm getting the iPhone 4. Whether I'll get it on the 24th or after that, we'll see.
New Posts  All Forums: