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Question is would HTC, RIM, Nokia, Samsung, and others adopt FaceTime? Especially how Apple have pissed them off recently with the whole antenna mess.
Steve should've used Siri/Open Table on his iPhone to make a reservation...
Chics would dig this far more than dudes... Great concept I think...
Android is on a gazillion different handset on multiple carriers. It shouldn't be surprising that as a "collective" it'll outsell the iPhone. And it'll probably continue to do so. The day a single Android device outsells the iPhone would truly be newsworthy.
Once you go black you'll never go back..
WSJ already has a subscription option for the iPad.
I guess we can all go back to blaming AT&T for the reception problems here?
Android phones as a collective have already outsold the iPhone and will continue to do so.. I doubt a single Android model can outsell the iPhone though. This is much like PCs, Windows PCs as a collective have and always will outsell the Macs. The only way Apple will ever outsell a collective competition is if they license iOS and OSX for use on other hardware which we all know will not happen.
I would've laughed at that a week or two ago... Now it's gotten really old I can't even force myself to laugh. I know you're trying to be funny and I enjoyed all the antennagate jokes but it just doesn't work anymore dude. Nice try though. I'm sure someone else will laugh with you...
A lot of people can't sustain paying $5 a week or month for iPad magazines. A discounted subscription would be great and what everyone is screaming for. This is disappointing. Hopefully this will all get cleared out whatever the issue is for the rejection..
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