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I've never seen nor done video calls on a phone in which quality is acceptable...I'll have to see how good the quality is FaceTime on wifi. I've done video calls via 3G, it just doesn't cut it.
Wow, all that because you couldn't pre-order...A device that won't be out til next week...A device that will be available until the next device replaces it next year...I can understand the enthusiasm but damn... People are acting like Apple's going run out of iPhones today and the world will end on June 25. Oh, I'm getting the iPhone 4. Whether I'll get it on the 24th or after that, we'll see.
The HTC what?
We'll see iMovie on the iPad eventually... With more functionality, made especially for the iPad and a lot closer to the desktop version. I wouldn't want the iPhone iMovie on the iPad anyways.
Good deal...
I'm sure they had fun dancing. They had so much fun and so distracted they didn't even realize they're being robbed on broad day light. Right around 2:16 or so on the video. I think the chick in there just stole something..I SWEAR DUDE THE CHICK IN WHITE JUST GRABBED SOMETHING AND PUT IT IN HER BAG! THIS VIDEO IS EVIDENCE TO A CRIME. You gotta check it out and stop it right around 2:15. I had to back and forth coz I thought I was seeing things. This is hilarious..
Who gives a $hit? It's a great display and John Doe, my next door neighbor, my friend's grandma, and the rest of the casual consumers who's going to buy an iPhone could care less about retina display or whatever they want to call it. The casual consumers could care less if Apple's retina display exceeds the human eye's retina.. Jeez! Unbelievable... Marketing exaggeration has been around forever.
They'll be fishing for info beyond email addresses? I work for the Air Force and believe me the DoD doesn't take any type of compromise lightly even if it's as small as email address breach.
Nobody cares about celebrities being on that list but when you got Pentagon officials, White House staff, DARPA officials (who work on highly classified projects) that's another story and surely will invite the FBI. It may only be email addresses but what will be compromised next if this happens again?
iAds is advertising on iOS devices ONLY and not on any other devices and platform. If the Feds are looking at possible antitrust it should look at Google and Admob instead. They're already advertising on all platforms and devices including Apple's and are already dominating yet they're pissed off because Apple is preventing them from dominating even more and advertising properly by collecting user data?
New Posts  All Forums: