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Who gives a $hit? It's a great display and John Doe, my next door neighbor, my friend's grandma, and the rest of the casual consumers who's going to buy an iPhone could care less about retina display or whatever they want to call it. The casual consumers could care less if Apple's retina display exceeds the human eye's retina.. Jeez! Unbelievable... Marketing exaggeration has been around forever.
They'll be fishing for info beyond email addresses? I work for the Air Force and believe me the DoD doesn't take any type of compromise lightly even if it's as small as email address breach.
Nobody cares about celebrities being on that list but when you got Pentagon officials, White House staff, DARPA officials (who work on highly classified projects) that's another story and surely will invite the FBI. It may only be email addresses but what will be compromised next if this happens again?
iAds is advertising on iOS devices ONLY and not on any other devices and platform. If the Feds are looking at possible antitrust it should look at Google and Admob instead. They're already advertising on all platforms and devices including Apple's and are already dominating yet they're pissed off because Apple is preventing them from dominating even more and advertising properly by collecting user data?
FaceTime will revolutionize... THE ADULT ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY. Another masturbatory tool. iMovie will revolutionize INSTANT AND REAL WORLD PORN... The San Fernando Valley will love iPhone 4. Anyways... I'm definitely getting it June 24.
Besides the screen res and video conference. iMovie for the iPhone is probably the biggest feature and seller for iPhone 4 yet nobody's talking about it... Unbelievable! I'm getting iPhone 4 just because of iMovie...
AT&T has replied on their Facebook page indicating that current customers may keep the $30/month unlimited plan even when they upgrade to a new iPhone: "The good news for current customers who love their unlimited plan is this: they are not required to switch, even when it's time to upgrade to a new phone. So you are welcome to keep your unlimited plan " SO THERE YOU GO! You can stop b!tching now. FOR iPAD 3G USERS.. Sorry!
Dude, he's not alone on this.. 98% of smartphone users use less than 2GB. So you should say there's only 2% of you who are pissed off (is a more appropriate statement).
This is is good news and a money saver for a lot of people. If you don't see the benefit of this, you're either part of the 2% of the affected heavy data user population or just shortsighted and just plain hate AT&T. Why should I have to pay $30 when I can only pay $15? The overage is also a game changer and very reasonable. This is actually good for both AT&T and Apple. This will get more people (who think the mandatory $30 data plan is too much), casual users at the...
Wow! Seriously... DUDE YOU'RE TAKING THINGS TOO LITTERALLY.. You went thru all that trouble doing math. Damn man. Jobs just meant it's selling well.
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