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How is Forstall still running iOS? SERIOUSLY! I would fire his a ss over the skeumorphic crap that's infesting iOS alone. Then add Siri and Maps fiasco to it.
Hey! Apple. You got billions. Why don't you spend that to hire thousands of people to fix your maps instead of all those lawsuits and lawyers? Then send them out to the world, on foot, in cars, planes, whatever it takes. That's how Google maps got to where its at now. Quit being lazy and relying too much on Yelp, users to report problems, and other 3rd parties.
I thought part of the AuthenTec deal was that it'll stay as an Apple wholly-owned subsidiary?
MAPGATE Apple should've waited another year. I really hope Google releases a standalone Google Maps app for iOS and save Apple's ass.
Why didn't Apple hire him? Or is it because he doesn't want to work at Apple? It would make sense to hire the guy who found the most exploit of your system.
SKEUMORPHIC CRAP JUST FLAT OUT DOESN'T MATCH JONY IVE'S ELEGANT MODERN MINIMALISTIC HARDWARE DESIGN. It bastardized Ive's work. That's what it is. I think Forstall is out of touch with reality and is trying too hard to be like Steve Jobs. The dude needs to go. I'm not anti-skeumorphism. It's appropriate on certain things but it's been taken way too far by Apple it's really distasteful.
He couldn't stand working under Forstall anymore. That's the most logical reason.
Apple developed about 46 themselves and acquired the rest of those patents from not only Nortel but Freescale, who both help lead the development of LTE. That may say something about the value of Apple's LTE patents. Apple will also most likely use Qualcomm's chips. Worst case Apple will use those LTE patents they own to sue Samsung back.. 
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