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Samsung is even copying Apple's share losses..
Criticism of one person (so far) is controversy?
Senior V.P. of Retail at Apple is equivalent to a CEO position at any retail company.. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with coming back "home".. Cook is probably making an offer to him right now to go back to Apple..
He lost me at "no retina display"..
A lot of iOS users don't even realize they're using iCloud..
Not taking advice on how to look cool from a guy who looks like a douchebag wearing that thing..
Maybe Apple needs to get those server farms in Oregon and Nevada up and running, and operational ASAP..
You can already do that with Siri even before this latest Apple Store app update.. Don't upadte the Apple Store app and go ahead and try it..like ask Siri how much the iPhone 5 costs and she'll take you directly to the app.
Lame. They need to do a deeper integration than that or else it's still useless.. I'd like to be able to buy movie tickets through Siri without getting kicked back to the Fandango app.. I might as well just go straight to the fandango app and buy it from there.
He does use software to design hardware..His new additional job isn't software engineering, it's user interface. He is a an Industrial Designer but a DESIGNER none the less. No matter how good and smart Forstall is, it looks like he has become a deterrent to good and collaborative working environment and that is a kind of toxic that can destroy a company.I'm excited how Ive's hardware style translates to software design.
New Posts  All Forums: