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Are there even any human beings, or even animals showing on Apple's map?
iTunes 11
If I understood it correctly, it means there's going to be transit, walking, hiking, etc. except its coming from 3rd party developers, and it will be integrated inside the maps app. I take that to mean there's going to be plenty of choices soon.
The keyword is within the maps app.. It would've sucked it was a separate third party solution outside of the maps app. I think that means the maps app will become a platform.
It is how it is..no amount of complaints can change how Apple engineered this thing. Three words: BUY APPLE CARE
I probably should have but I'm a see it and try it first before buying kind of person..
That's a long wait. Does anyone know if the Apple Stores have the retina MBPs?
I guess the Weather and/or Calculator app will have to wait until iOS 7 or 8?
You need a security clearance to do business or a job for the DoD.. Whether it's TSC or just secret depends..
It's from the default wallpaper of iOS 5.1 on the iPad 3..
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