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Why do you feel you were burned by the iPad 3 purchase?
Completely autonomous vehicles are still many, many years away. I am not really sure if even trying to make a car completely autonomous is a good idea. I use today’s GPS systems as an example and my main argument. GPS was designed to be an aid to help get us from point A to point B and was never mentioned as being infallible. As a result of relying on GPS some people are now driving off roads, bridges, into water, thru detour signs etc. etc. etc. because they follow the...
  Never happened to me or anybody I know but then again 'Hey Siri' is not part of out normal conversations. Does this really happen, anybody?
No when EMC merges with Dell there will no longer be an EMC stock as it will be a private company. VMWare will still exist as a stock because EMC doesn't own VMWare outright but EMC does own a controlling amount of VMWare's stock so VMWare stock will still be trading on the market.
Congrats, you got the gold color you wanted but you paid $100 more and do not have any of the 6S enhancements, as long as you are happy.
What other devices could Google open Play to that have any relevant marketshare?
Anybody falling for this promotion doesn't deserve to own an iPhone.
This article has to be total BS. A supposed Sept 9th release date and they are still negotiating on chip pricing, not likely. if Sept is the date then pricing, orders and negotiations were over long ago.
Totally disagree with your opinions expressed above. My opinion is that Apple earns every dime it gets and that without Apple's app store a lot of apps and developers wouldn't exist.
That will never happen! In order to have an app in the app store you will have to  have an agreement with Apple. Be careful for what you ask for because a truly open app store that allowed any and all apps would be security nightmare of malware and such. 
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