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Oh great! Apple might make a car but then again Apple might not make a car. Six more years of useless rumors to go along with the past 4 years of the Apple TV rumors we still keep hearing about.
One of the worst comments ever.
What would you consider the right price?
They received a discount from the first unit. As is common in volume purchase contracts done over time, you have to actually reach a certain purchase level to obtain the best price.
 The only possible way Apple would or could go private is if they really started hurting, sort of like how the whole Dell going private scenario occurred.
Since GTA's business had already tanked before GTA signed the deal with Apple, this 'lack' of performance payout seems ridiculous and shouldn't be allowed.
I'd like to see evidence of the supposed gift giving precedents you mention.
Obviously they can be cut. Did you really think Apple was going to use a 500lb. boule for a single product? 
Best and most appropriate line in the entire article.
If we don't fight to maintain what little privacy we have left, then we don't deserve to have privacy.
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