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You are the one making up numbers.
Just as important, the plaintiffs received zilch!
BF Just block him.
Since Apple hasn't announced anything about this purely 'rumored' service your entire comment is all  speculation and opinion.
Monthly subscription, I'll pass.
Analysts don't need to be fed rumors, they make them up all the time already. Anybody basing stock ownership strictly on rumors versus the company's financial information and fundamentals deserves to lose everything.
Thats all we need to do is to add shopping while driving, like texting while driving isn't bad enough.
I agree with the first paragraph but not the second for two reasons. First, I doubt Apple would capitulate as it would impact sales worldwide, not just in China, when it was discovered. I suspect that it would not take very long to discover and prove that it had occurred. Second, China supposedly has a 30% tax on most Apple goods and China would not want lose that money. China also would not want to chance losing the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of jobs that...
I hope you are correct but I doubt it.
The judges are crazy. Even if Apple has licensed their patents up the wazoo, Samsung doesn't have and never had a license so they shouldn't be allowed to sell products that infringe on Apple's patents. Isn't the whole purpose of an injunction to protect the Patent holders patents from being infringed upon? Why does the government even bother to issue them if they won't enforce them against any and ALL companies that infringe upon these patents?
New Posts  All Forums: