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In fiscal 2014, Apple accounted for $13.9 billion in taxes, including $8.6 billion paid in federal U.S. taxes and $855 million in state tax and with $2.1 billion in foreign taxes. That gave the company an effective tax rate of 26.1 percent and made it a top U.S. taxpayer. The company also paid out $11 billion in dividends, triggering an additional windfall of U.S and state income taxes from the company's recipient shareholders. 
Cite proof of your assumption based on prior years taxes paid or crawl back under your bridge.
I can see in time, once Pay is proven to be secure and successful (and I believe it will be extremely successful), Pay being expanded to allow optional linking directly to our bank accounts.
Since GTA was never producing Sapphire for Apple to start with, I would imagine Apple will continue  using their current supplier(s).
I am tired of seeing your inane posts. blocked = problem solved, somewhat at least
If this story is correct and accurate I could agree with Apple removing Bose products from its' own stores. Bose is suing Apple so why should Apple display, promote and sell Bose products? Selling Bose products would in affect be helping Bose to finance its' lawsuit against Apple.
You have a weird, flawed and very pessimist view of the business world, if not the world in general.
He kept adjusting his hands to put most of the force under the buttons, which would naturally be the weakest structural point on the 6+. On the note 3 bend test all the force was applied at middle of device not under the button. Regardless neither device was designed to be subjected to that abuse.
Who is really in the wrong here? The people in line waiting to buy an iPhone strictly to resell it or the people (imo idiots) willing to pay exorbitant prices to get an iPhone ASAP?
The Paypal ad just goes to show that Paypal is running scared and they should be. I have been a Paypal user since the early days of its' existence but from this point forward I will be using Pay whenever and wherever I can. Pay just seems to be a more secure and better thought out solution. On a few occasions I had to deal with Paypal's customer service which was a chore in itself as it was frustrating, time consuming and difficult.   Ideally I would love to see Paypal...
New Posts  All Forums: