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Best and most appropriate line in the entire article.
If we don't fight to maintain what little privacy we have left, then we don't deserve to have privacy.
Pure BS! What other deals did they pass up? Any company, even Apple, can't just change the terms of a signed contract at will. Without the Apple deal GTAT basically had no business as their business had already tanked prior to signing the contract agreement with Apple.
Hmm, lets think about this one. Would the TV station be more apt to do this segment on its' own, or do you think Apple SVP Eddy Cue might be preferable? Who knows, maybe Apple even volunteered or 'suggested' this?
I am an avid iPhone and Mac user but I totally disagree with you on this one. i86 and Windows may not be as important as they once were but that market, by any measurement, can not be classified as an extremely small market. 
I never said 'must', I said needs. If you don't have the vision or imagination to see why some sort of regulation will be needed then nothing I can say will help.
Something definitely needs to done. There is a lot of potential in the use of drones for both good and bad, so some regulation and licensing of these 'drones' is needed.
They both could be right, the fact that the alarm uses the taptic engine is the relevant piece here. Longer battery life will normally always be better but with current battery tech being what it is I wouldn't expect much more than a day or maybe two being the max.Two hours or under charge time would imo be a tremendous accomplishment for Apple. I guess we will just have to wait until the watch gets closer to being a shipping product for more realistic and relevant...
 Granted, Good Technology is only one vendor of these enterprise solutions and there are others but this article is about a Good Technology report and has nothing to do with the others. Good Technology's report is about what they are seeing and may be only a trend with them but then again it may be widespread but I'll wait to read other company's reports and won't jump to any conclusions. Android probably is the predominate phone in general but most everything I read keeps...
Very appropriate, lol.
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