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You are placing a lot of trust in how this is going down based on an article posted on basically a rumor site not known for accuracy or investigative reporting.
I think that Apple is smart enough to offer positions to the Beats employees that could fit well into the needs of the overall company. As with any merger some positions become redundant and it makes no sense, for example, to put a career finance person into a support position as they will leave as soon as they can find another position in finance.
So the rumor that TSMC will make the A8 for Apple, which we haven't seen any proof of yet,  has been supplanted by the new rumor that Samsung will make the still rumored A9 for Apple. Considering the costs of building out the fabs I would doubt that TSMC will be making the still rumored A8 for Apple unless they will manufacture at least some of the rumored A9 as well.
The internal Samsung documents comparing Apple's solution to their own solution were not built into Android but were added by Samsung.
Why do people get all upset on this forum? Most of the articles are pure BS or at best  unsubstantiated rumor. Once Apple announces and ships a new product you can complain or praise all you want, until then you are wasting your time and effort for nothing.
Isn't that what mostly all media does with everything?
It has been that way for years and used by many corporations  so if it wasn't intended to be that way then the politicians must be rather stupid to not have changed the tax code. You are of the mindset that Apple is unethical and different from all the other corporations doing the exact same thing. Pointless debate so I"ll just block you to avoid all your tax rants.
Don't you take every legal deduction on your taxes every year? Thought so, so using your logic you are dodging taxes also.
Do you even read what you write before posting? If what they are doing is legal then they aren't dodging anything. Show us proof to your baseless allegations on their international profits. You again readily admit that what they do is legal, so shut f up and crawl back under your rock.
They are doing nothing illegal. Try living in the real world where companies and people only pay what they have to and no more. A company who paid extra taxes voluntarily would be sued by its' shareholders. Will never happen!
New Posts  All Forums: