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Agree, except an analyst may actually have a real rumor source (reliable or not), so basically your predictions are even more useless.
 Unbelievable that you would ask for or expect a legit response from a post any rumor website today. Can't you wait a day for whatever Apple will announce tomorrow?
Now AI is lifting pictures from Apple's own website to use as illustration in articles when some other company reports an unproven allegation about a labor violation. This is a new low for AI . Also how or why should APPLE compel a company to conform to Apple's standards when making products for a different company?
Surely you jest OR you are dreaming, unless you are counting a color variation as a different product. What would Apple have left to announce for 2014?
Possibly but I doubt it as the article first states that MS did not buy the patents but is only licensing the patents but later the wording makes it seem like MS is buying the patents. So only with more time along with more clarification will we have a clue.
Why don't you STFU and wait until an iPhone or iPhones are actually announced. Then you can make all the asinine comments you want,
Are you really that crazy or just having mindless moments?
OK let me see if I got this right. The rumored case for the rumored iPhone 5C is rumored to be highly scratch resistant.
+1     I Could not have said it better!
I rather doubt that there will ever be be a 27" Macbook Pro. Don't you think that the 27" size would be counter to one of the major reasons why laptop / portables / tablets were created to begin with?
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