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This article is BS, if a new iPhone is to be announced in September the 'considering' stage of its' design and build was over long ago.
You may expect that your comments are acccurate but you nothing but unsubstantiated rumors to back up what you 'expect' to happen.
I too am a customer and a shareholder as well. I don't hold Apple accountable to published rumors or rampant customer expectations but I do hold them accountable to the financial guidance they provide and expect them hit their projections, not the projections that the so called professional ANALyst provide which seem to be mostly SWAG Scientific Wild As* Guessing. Unfortunately Wall Street seems to be mostly about SWAG. I still don't consider an Apple product late until...
A product is only late when a manufacturer or retailer has announced a specific availability date for a given product and doesn't make the product available by that date. An unannounced product can't be late. A product may be late according to Apple's own internal projections, which I doubt Apple would ever admit to publicly until well after the fact if ever, but it is not late to the world in general if was never publicly announced to start with. How can YOU have...
Do you realize how ignorant your comment makes you appear?
What a ridiculous article, a total waste of space. I am sure some ANALyst will tell us what overwhelming marketshare Samsung and Android have in the Al-Qaeda market and that Apple needs to up their game or lose the terrorist market.
First time post says it all. Please educate us on what other phone has all the hardware features and all the software apps that the iPhone 5s has because there isn't one even close. What are you, a  troll wanna be in training?
This is what I meant by trusting an AI article so easily. Posted on AI 08/01/14Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr issued a statement yesterday saying much the same."We're excited to have the Beats team join Apple, and we have extended job offers to every Beats employee," Neumayr said in a prepared statement sent out to various news outlets yesterday. "Because of some overlap in our operations, some offers are for a limited period and we'll work hard during this time to find as...
You are placing a lot of trust in how this is going down based on an article posted on basically a rumor site not known for accuracy or investigative reporting.
I think that Apple is smart enough to offer positions to the Beats employees that could fit well into the needs of the overall company. As with any merger some positions become redundant and it makes no sense, for example, to put a career finance person into a support position as they will leave as soon as they can find another position in finance.
New Posts  All Forums: