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Agree. Some people like showing us how smart they think they are, some think they can influence things with comments or suggestions, some people need to  get a life, there are numerous reasons. Nobody is wrong but not everybody can be right either.
Since there is no iPhone 5c yet, it is kind of hard to respond. Waste of time responding to would be, should be, wanna be.and gonna be products.
Everyone seems to forget all the shipment and market share reports by ANALyst  are all Scientific Wild Ass Guesses. Remember in the Apple and Samsung court case when Samsung had to report their real sales? The numbers Samsung actually reported were substantially below what had been reported in the media up to that point. That is why I always considered all such media reports as pure SWAG, nothing more.
And it will happen with tablets as well. Apple only plays with top end of any market where quality/profit rule. Apple doesn't play in the race to bottom of markets game.
NO PROBLEM just buy 5,640 iPhones, iPad and iPods (in any combination) and give us a check for $56,400 and all the non apple adapters and we will swap them out with official Apple power adapters. Of course we will need to see all 5,640 of the iProducts to get the actual unique serial numbers off them, which could take a good amount of your free time.. End result = Your Problem is solved.
What an asinine remark. Apple is agreeable to paying FRAND rates but samsung wants 2.7% of the selling price of the entire product which is neither FRAND nor reasonable. No company pays 2.7% of the selling price of the finished product for FRAND rate.
I say this article is total BS and useless. Neither company publishes numbers in a way that allows them to be compared to each other.
You don't know jack...      The xbox lost billions for MS in the years 2001 through 2007 and only started making money for MS in 2008.
Can't believe it has taken you until now to realize that companies are out to make their own products look better and not their competitors products. Doesn't make sense for any company to devote time and money making something for a competitor's product unless there is a substantial financial gain to be had for doing so.
  Absorbent might be correct if toilet paper was meant for wiping away the crap. I recommend Charmin as it is softer and MS is going to need and use a lot of it to clean up this whole mess that is Surface.
New Posts  All Forums: