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So VP of Android Engineering Hiroshi Lockheimer claims they didn't copy things from Apple and that Android / Google actually invented some of Apple's patented items before Apple patented them. Just because he says they did doesn't make it so. Where is the proof / documentation / prototypes etc. to back his claims?
Android at least has the semblance of an ecosystem, Samsung / Tizen really doesn't.
Apple didn't allow it to happen, Samsung's copying of  Apple's products made it happen.
You still don't get it! Since Steve came back It never has been and hopefully never will be about the specs. It has been all about improving the performance and the end user experience which are not necessarily tied to hardware specs.
The entire article makes no sense. The 'rumored' 'potential' deal wouldn't require federal approval so it doesn't matter if the government approved of it or not. Analyst Paul Gallant's comment is basically irrelevant since federal approval isn't required to begin with.
I have complete confidence, in regards to this manufacturing situation, that Apple will do what is best for Apple. Remember the old adage "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."
Not worth a response. Try living in the real world for a change!
Guess that means no Fortune 500 companies or 99.9% of other businesses (or taxpayers for that matter) then. How much in extra taxes do you think corporations should pay that would make sure they are paying their 'fair' share? As a rule companies, corporations and  individuals take every deduction they can and do not pay more than that are legally obligated to pay. How many companies do you know of, have paid extra 'voluntary' taxes?
Sounds very interesting and has potential but would require an inordinate amount of time and resources to implement in manner that would be viable or acceptable. 
And then Apple would get get sued by its' shareholders for making these voluntary yet 'illegal' payments as it would be a breech of the corporation's fiduciary responsibilities to its' shareholders.
New Posts  All Forums: