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Glad to see them try to fix the problem instead of them just complaining that some companies are not paying what they should be paying. If the tax laws are written correctly then they will collect their taxes but I am confident that they will screw this up again and just keep complaining.
You obviously don't have a clue about how Apple markets their products as Apple typically doesn't announce products before they are close to shipping. Loyal Apple customers, which your comment proves you aren't one of, don't really care what Nexus product is announced.
It depends on what the agreements are for, multiple sources will always be better and more reliable than a single source. i am sure Apple will honor any and all agreements they negotiated and signed with TSMC and anyone else. Don't forget this is still just another unconfirmed rumor.
You are so wrong. with agency pricing with the favorite vendor clause Apple wouldn't care what price Amazon sold ebooks at because Apple could match Amazon's price and still make 30%. Apple didn't set the price under the agency model, the publishers did.
Another comment by someone who has no clue about Apple. Do you really think using a larger font adds anything? 
Guess you couldn't find any older rumors to believe in.
Rather lame comment from you TS. Apple, like you or any other company would do, paid the price to buy the piece of land they wanted for whatever reason(s). I doubt they bought to block competitors but even if they did, it is Apple's money to do with as Apple wants..
Just a waste of space, a rather stupid comment, not even remotely amusing. blocked
I agree GG could be very useful and informative but the camera use could be too intrusive for general use.     I disagree,the calculator could never be used in a manner that could be considered as an invasion of a person's general privacy expectations.
I agree with the hardwiring part and the privacy issue but if I were a bar or restaurant owner I'd ban GG for sure. I can see GG being very useful for certain circumstances, applications and situations but I hope GG never gets accepted as an everyday common general use item.
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