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You only missed out by $976,000.01
Sure 800,000 sold, 50,000 to end users and 750,000 sitting as inventory at various reseller warehouses and stores.
Two posts, a troll in development!
This is AppleInsider, right?
Doesn't make sense that Apple would use an inferior touchscreen after having had the best before. Is it possible that iOS7 controls the accuracy of the touchscreen based on some special intelligence built into iOS7? The iPads have some sort of special intelligent sensitivity near the bezels to avoid inadvertent touches being registered. Is this a similar thing? I guess ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE but I will reserve making any judgements until I try it myself along with seeing /...
One of the least intelligent comments!
Please explain how making OSX free would save Apple money.
Nothing you mention is based on fact so you are a troll. Added to my block list!
The weight difference is that the 5c is 0.70 of an ounce or 20 grams heavier than the 5s. To a world class runner that might make a huge difference but for normal people not so much.
New Posts  All Forums: