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Who is going to make a laptop with the specs mentioned?
how could he not?
DUH! What about the sales spike when a new Android phone is released. One iPhone sales spike a year versus how many Android sales spikes?
Not to worry. The market for standalone mp3 players has matured and a a result the market has been shrinking for a few years now. Apple has maintained its dominance of that shrinking market well.
Specs alone are worthless, if they are not properly implemented.
If you don't understand Chinese why would you download a Chinese app?
I still don't believe there will be a Verizon CDMA phone but your logic is hard to refute.
good one lol
Many reasons not to release new product just before Christmas season: No time to really market it properly. Makes initial build too large, too fast AND chances of misjudging demand is too great Unexpected bug(s) A product release just before the holiday season has too many factors that could go wrong. Any error could kill the sales for the year and could kill a product that could otherwise be very successful. The holiday season is not the time for guesstimating product...
New Posts  All Forums: