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What relevance does this have to the topic of the article?
Further evidence that specs are not 'necessarily' as important as the overall performance and user experience.
jeez! supposing it's not true and just being said to generate web traffic. Why are these stories even allowed to be published?
I don't think this September product release will happen. If they did do this the price difference would have to be more than $100 as the difference couldn't just be a retina display otherwise it wouldn't make sense.
I absolutely agree. As mobile devices (smart phones, tablets) get more powerful there will be a need and desire to tie everything together and Apple is the only company that has already has all the core pieces in place to pull everything together with their iOS OS X codebase.
The consumer already controls their phone number. Once you have a phone number you can get it ported to whatever phone you own. It is the law, it may cost you a nominal fee to get the number transferred / ported over but you can keep the same phone number.
Well this is a no-brainer and you can't criticize Apple or any company on this topic.Of course if you are getting the lowest price on calls no carrier will subsidize your phone and no company will give you a free phone. You can't have both low cost per call and a subsidized phone.In this model you would have to pay full cost for the phone to get the lower call rates. Over the life of the phone this method would save consumers money. All companies exist to make money, to...
Don't forget that Apple would need at least 20x what Moto would and making that quantity mat not be viable yet.
??? AT&T and Verzon's are different iPhones and not compatible with each other's networks to start with. What rumor and where? Do you always comment before you read and comprehend what you are commenting on?
I like the white hoodies also.
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