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I agree most numbers can be presented in such a way as to support almost any position you wish to take. The one number that is hard to manipulate is profit, you either make it or you don't.
Since Samsung itself is saying sales out is "quite small" how has that been proven wrong? Apple gives both sales in and sales out numbers each quarter. Most of the numbers you are stating for Apple you are pulling out of your arse.
Knowing what you are talking about would help you understand why you are so wrong..
Verizon started selling iPads in October.
Stop being so stupid. Apple doesn't and shouldn't get a cut of all financial transactions. Apple should get a cut of any financial transaction (purchase) that results from Apple having and maintaining a webstore.
You miss the point on this. The iBookstore application is not on Sony's hardware. Why should Apple allow Sony's app if it allows someone to buy content direct from Sony's store without Apple being paid anything?
Which facts do you have that others don't? All I find are rumors. It is a medical certainty that Steve will die and that we will all die at some point but just maybe not today. Just how Lo are you willing to go to make a point and even then your point isn't an original thought but stolen from someone else.Using your logic the iPod business should have been taken over by others long ago, yet Apple still dominates that market. The iPhone still has no competition unless you...
You are wrong and way off base on this as Apple isn't and can't force anybody to do anything. The value ad is Apple's site itself. If the 30% fee was not worth it why would any developer, big or small, put their product in Apple's store to start with? If ANY developer could do it better and cheaper in another fashion they would do so in a heartbeat. Last I checked all content available in Apple's web stores was placed there voluntarily and no developer was forced to offer...
That is unfortunately true and the news media and blogs almost always report the numbers as if the products are in the end user's hands when it is possible that most is sitting in inventory somewhere. The media seldom attempts to verify how many of the number reported as sold have actually been sold to end users.
Better keep your DVD collection small if you really plan on doing this. Flash memory is very expensive and Flash memory beyond 128GB is not even being manufactured in the quantities that Apple would need even if the memory was very cheap.
New Posts  All Forums: