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Glad to see that you are a proud member of the jailbreak group. No wonder why many, if not most, consider jailbreakers thieves.
Why doesn't this surprise me. I am voting my shares with the board on this. No good can come from a public succession plan,
Are you actually from this planet?
The iPad isn't a laptop and it isn't a phone and was never meant to be either. Most people with brains know this as Apple has been saying from day one that the iPad is a new category of product, think media consumption device.Honeycomb tablets and iPads are what they are, don't like them, fine, don't buy them but there is no need to disparage people who may find them fun or useful. Obviously not everyone can understand how useless they are like you can.
WHY shoould Apple give free access? The publisher sold the subscription and pocketed all the money not Apple.
In a perfect world this would be great but unfortunately this world is far from being perfect.
Since you live in a fantasy world, you may as well dream big. The problem is that big dreams seldom translate well into reality but it does make you feel good for a bit.
I agree most numbers can be presented in such a way as to support almost any position you wish to take. The one number that is hard to manipulate is profit, you either make it or you don't.
Since Samsung itself is saying sales out is "quite small" how has that been proven wrong? Apple gives both sales in and sales out numbers each quarter. Most of the numbers you are stating for Apple you are pulling out of your arse.
Knowing what you are talking about would help you understand why you are so wrong..
New Posts  All Forums: