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How many years did WSJ say that the Verizon iPhone was imminent.
And your point is????????
How is giving a discount charging the same? Must be the new math. How dumb do you think Apple is... or is it just you?
True, but many still refuse to acknowledge reality. ebooks are just like regular books and mp3s are just like CDs, in that you never owned the content just the right to use it. Books you owned the paper not the story, CDs you own the CD no tthe music. People have always had a hard time understanding and accepting this reality in the both analogy and digital worlds.
Example: C=20 P=10 O=30 30% of O = 9 = A C+P+A
How dumb do you think Apple is *******?
You neglected to mention those are issues with Verizon's CDMA network and not the fault of the iPhone. You aren't trying to be a troll much are you?
Do you rain on every parade? Since you have all that empathy may I ask what are you doing to help?
You can't satisfy some people no matter what you do. I suspect that even though Apple is trying, which is more than most companies are doing, that no matter what you will never accept Apple's efforts as even adequate while I view them as commendable.
No offense, but I don't see a smaller iPhone (if real) validating a smaller version of the iPad as they are both designed for different markets and uses.
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