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You may have predicted the iPhone and the iPad correctly but if you are predicting a plain TV, I will predict you being wrong. If you are predicting a computer with TV capabilities (a doubtful maybe) or a TV with capabilities well beyond today's typical TV which only a company with vision like Apple could deliver then I agree.
When a single model of an Android phone sells half the quantity that the iPhone 4 does then I'll consider your point of view as valid.
First, the lawsuit you refer to never happened. Second, how does Apple's app store have or make any claim over someone else's property? If you bought an iDevice you bought it to use with Apple's app store not somebody else's. If someone bought an iDevice to use with other stores which Apple openly doesn't support then that person is a fool. Don't like Apple's iOS ecosystem then buy another company's product.
There was no lawsuit. "The decision to allow the practice commonly known as "jailbreaking" is one of a handful of new exemptions from a 1998 federal law that prohibits people from bypassing technical measures that companies put on their products to prevent unauthorized use of copyright-protected material. The Library of Congress, which oversees the Copyright Office, reviews and authorizes exemptions every three years to ensure that the law does not prevent certain...
I don't see price fixing in any fashion, if anything I see Apple's policy as a benefit to the consumer. A consumer can shop Apple's store and feel confident that the price they pay will be the best offered.
Your ignorance is showing as there is no racist comment in the post.
How many years did WSJ say that the Verizon iPhone was imminent.
And your point is????????
How is giving a discount charging the same? Must be the new math. How dumb do you think Apple is... or is it just you?
True, but many still refuse to acknowledge reality. ebooks are just like regular books and mp3s are just like CDs, in that you never owned the content just the right to use it. Books you owned the paper not the story, CDs you own the CD no tthe music. People have always had a hard time understanding and accepting this reality in the both analogy and digital worlds.
New Posts  All Forums: