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You are so clueless about why and how a business becomes and stays successful. ... adds iLiver to ignore list ...
They are not the same, For one the monitor you reference is a multisync monitor which supports many, many different resolutions up to and including 2048x1536. I am sure there are many other differences as well.
IMO Even if half were free the number is still impressive. BTW The number is 10 billion not 1 billion.
I won't deny them anything, but I also won't condone them either. I've been in the computer industry since 1976 and seen too many great demo products that never transitioned well into a finished product.I will wait to see actual shipping products and evaluate them then.
MPEG LA is already saying they believe that WebM already violates some MPEG LA patents. If WebM gets any of the major improvements it needs would also mean more patent violations = LAWSUIT(s).Google making WebM available free, WITHOUT PATENT INDEMNIFICATION, should tell everyone all they need to know about WebM.
As long as webM stays as is this may be true. In order for webM to evolve and be improved, which must be done, it would or will become a patent nightmare. Research this just a bit and you will see the many potential and probable patent problems of developing webM any further.
1) NFC is not for streaming. 2) PICO would be a battery killer. 3) Wearable devices I'd rather doubt anytime soon. You definitely have an active imagination, too bad it is not based on reality,
CR is supposed to be impartial and objective. AI is anything but those and isn't really meant to be that way.
Get a life both of you...
It was a new product in a new category, so Apple chose to build for the largest worldwide market, which wasn't CDMA then or now. if Apple had built both versions to start with who knows how long the iPhone would have been constrained since both versions use many of the same parts and the GSM version is still in tight supply. Business 101 It is better to attempt to sell to one market and try to do it well, than to attempt to address two markets and do poorly in both. Based...
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