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Screens wouldn't be good idea, cost to build factory is tremendous and technology changes too rapidly to get a decent ROI on the initial investment. Same is true with CPUs and GPUs. Samsung and other mfgs can spread factory costs to other lower end products as new technology becomes available. Apple wouldn't be able to do this without manufacturing these items for others as today's state of the art product becomes tomorrow's commodity item.
If they add 7-10 billion a quarter to their cash on hand, like they just did, yes I do see a $1000 stock in 3 to 4 years allowing adjustments for stock splt(s) if any.
IMO and many others the iPhone makes Android look like a rough draft of a mobile OS and please let us know the name of this savant developer. Hopefully we can get that developer to contact Oracle and show them how pointless their lawsuit is.
Do you really believe Google doesn't profit from Android and gives it away free because that is what the good companies do? Oracle potentially lost licensing fees from every Android manufacturer.
Gossip is not based on facts but speculation. If Cook is not in fact gay, I would imagine he would consider this gossip as negative. All reports of his being gay have been pure speculation. Please show me one source where he himself says he is gay. Whether he is or isn't is irrelevant but you continue to spread the gossip with your remark even though you can't provide any verification where Cook himself said he was gay.
You miss the point totally. Whether he is gay or not is irrelevant. The point is that AI is repeating gossip that he MAY be gay, which is pure speculation and that is absolutely wrong. I am not gay and I would be very upset if somebody went around spreading gossip that I was gay. If he is gay and wishes it to known fine but that should be his choice and his choice only. All I care about is that he does a rest job at Apple, his sexual orientation is irrelevant to the...
I agree being gay is not offensive but it is offensive if someone claims that you are and you aren't. What, may I ask, is inspiring about unconfirmed speculation?
This is even worse. AI is reporting someone else's speculation. Gossip can damage reputations, and spreading gossip shows a clear lack of integrity and ethics on AI's part.
I totally disagree, this is absolutely offensive. Whether Cook is gay or not is totally irrelevant. AI speculating and or discussing whether he is or isn't gay is offensive and absolutely should not be considered journalism in any respect. Either he is qualified for his job (obviously he is) or he is not.
I agree publishing a plan could only serve to get high level employees upset if they weren't on the list and they felt that they should be.
New Posts  All Forums: