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Do you rain on every parade? Since you have all that empathy may I ask what are you doing to help?
You can't satisfy some people no matter what you do. I suspect that even though Apple is trying, which is more than most companies are doing, that no matter what you will never accept Apple's efforts as even adequate while I view them as commendable.
No offense, but I don't see a smaller iPhone (if real) validating a smaller version of the iPad as they are both designed for different markets and uses.
I agree the name will remain just iPad unless Apple decides to keep the original version in the product line at a lower price like they have done with iPhones. If Apple keeps the original version of the iPad in the product line will convince me that Apple truly considers the iPad a consumer product and not a computer product.Consumer products are normally kept as active products until the demand drops substantially. Computer products are different in that once a new...
??? I have no idea what you are trying to say here. I didn't even mention or discuss the history of the internet or computer hardware or software and yet you claim I revised it. Please explain.
hmmm, 'bullhead' very appropriate. Why should I imagine mathematic formulas as patentable when they are not? Imagine mother's milk as being poison and that most of us would be dead and not living in your caves. Is either imagined scenario relevant to the the topic? I think not. Of course I have heard about trademarks and copyrights. I am not an expert on either one and I don't profess to be but I do know that they are not the same as a patent. Our patent rules may be too...
I understand were your coming from but your last suggestion would alienate developers and junk up the software. It would be nice to see Apple go after Google in a direct and meaningful way.
What planet are you from? If software patents were not allowed why would anyone spend time and money developing software if anyone could then just basically copy, steal and call it their own? If a company or person can't make a profit writing software then obviously they won't even bother to try.
What relevance does this have to the topic of the article?
Further evidence that specs are not 'necessarily' as important as the overall performance and user experience.
New Posts  All Forums: