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As you know, just a small one: anything remotely close to reality
Don't hold your breath while you wait...
You still don't get it! Apple isn't into market share numbers. Apple is all about customer satisfaction and profits, they go hand in hand.
Apple has said stated many times to investors (Wall Street() that the iPad has (priced aggressively) lower margins.
Why doesn't everybody take a chill pill regarding MobileMe. Wait until the DC is fully operational for a few months and see what Apple does. Unless your subscription is up soon don't get your shorts in a bunch, yet!
IMHO everyone knows the iPad is a rev 1.0 product, don't like it, don't buy it and I'll 2nd monstrosity's comment.There was a valid reason, Apple wanted it that way, pure and simple. Last I checked Apple doesn't need to get their product designs approved by anybody but Apple. Facetime was still a future product and IMO Apple was smart to omit a camera from the rev 1.0 iPad. BTW there are a lot more than 40,000 apps for the iPad.I could see a POSSIBLE processor upgrade but...
Fast is a very relative term it all depends on your point of reference. I know 19 people who own (I don't yet BTW) iPads and none of them say RAM is problem. Since most of them are using them as secondary computers and never expected the iPad to replace their primary computer maybe that is the difference. The iPad was designed primarily as a media consumption device, not meant to replace your laptop so don't complain that it can't do what a computer that designed and...
Because they belong to one of two groups: 1) The fence sitters who'll never buy any computer because they know the next generation will be a better value. Since that is always the case, they will always be waiting for the next generation. 2) The group who can't afford the item to start with, that is how they justify not buying it to their friends who have bought (they are only kidding themselves really).
Everybody says buy American products but as evidenced by our diminishing industrial base when it comes time to buy most forget. With US wages what they are we just can't compete. If we put higher tariffs on imported goods so will the competition and then we are facing the same dilemma.
What about all the shipping of components from China to Brazil, most if not all the parts are made in China.
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