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Get your facts straight don't make them. The real story is that, as in today's quarterly earning conference, Apple reports the number sold and their inventory level every quarter. When Samsung reports numbers, it always just units shipped, not units sold.
The stock was up today so I guess nobody noticed that you sold your share of AAPL.
I believe Samsung lost in court but is still appealing the decision and hasn't paid Apple a dime.
Your ID makes me wonder about how objective your comment is.
Overall this is a totally ignorant comment but considering the source I am not surprised.
  Same BS post as per your norm. Article mentions at US carriers in first line. As always, you will never know the real numbers because Apple never tells, so you may as well make them up like the analyst do.
Unfortunately even with all of Apple's court victories the financial penalties being levied against Samsung only amount to a slap on the wrist. Samsung has established and enhanced their brand by copying Apple and has made a ton of money as a result. Copying seems to be a quicker, cheaper and the much easier way to gain market share than having to develop your own IP.
You only missed out by $976,000.01
Sure 800,000 sold, 50,000 to end users and 750,000 sitting as inventory at various reseller warehouses and stores.
Two posts, a troll in development!
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