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It is very easy, he is using the same SWAG method most, if not all, ANALyst use. The best Scientific Wild Assed Guess that backs up the story he wrote!
That would be interesting number to see. My thinking would be that most already had alternative apps so 1 out of ten , at most, would end up being subscribers, still a big number.
Can you show me when Apple has responded to any rumor because I can't recall Apple ever having done so.
 First, Apple typically doesn't respond to rumors and second do you have any proof whatsoever that Apple initiated any of these rumors? IMO this whole beats thing is all pure BS, as find it hard to fathom that Apple would spend 3.2B on a beats acquisition.
Until Apple confirms it, it is nothing but a rumor.
Beats acquisition? Maybe but I doubt it, especially at 3.2B. 
I know it was claimed during the trial that Google had slide to unlock before Apple patented it but no evidence was presented to validate that claim. It is very easy to claim you did something first, proving it is whole different story.
Only Apple can answer your questions, if they chose to, if and/or when Apple decides to release a bigger iPhone.
Apple makes more in profit than Samsung (all divisions and products) and Nokia do combined.
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