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Only time will tell for sure which of us is delusional. Based on current sales of competitors larger phones, none of them, in any combination, are selling in numbers close to iPhones.
It might be the top selling iPhone model ever made only if Apple does not release a new 4" iPhone.
A new low in AI reporting. Combining the results from two different trials incorrectly in the same article and paragraph even though they had nothing to do with each other.
I agree you have the right to disagree with what Tim Cook does and says but calling him an idiot because you disagree with him is a bit much and implies that almost anyone, including you, could do better. In your comparison of Cook to Page and Zuckerberg you mention only fashion and luxury goods for Cook neglecting to mention or consider some of the other companies Apple has purchased 2011: Anobit... 2012: AuthenTec... 2013: Novauris...
Oh and I am sure you can show us that you are much smarter than Tim Cook and that you can run Apple or any company even better than how Tim Cook runs Apple.
I don't care if Apple makes larger iPhones or not because I personally don't need or want a larger iPhone. If Apple thinks or believes they can sell a larger iPhone successfully, good for them go for it. I just hope Apple continues to update and make a version with a 4 inch screen as well.
It is very easy, he is using the same SWAG method most, if not all, ANALyst use. The best Scientific Wild Assed Guess that backs up the story he wrote!
That would be interesting number to see. My thinking would be that most already had alternative apps so 1 out of ten , at most, would end up being subscribers, still a big number.
Can you show me when Apple has responded to any rumor because I can't recall Apple ever having done so.
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