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You can't be serious!
 No, the $50 iPhone price mandates that you commit to a 2 year contract up front.
Glad to finally see fines for leaked information.
 You are wrong! Check out the IRS accounting laws. What you think and the actual law are two very different things.
 Google generates more revenue from iOS than they do from Android.
   I toedally agree!
 It will never be resolved, but I sure Apple would be happy to give you a refund if you promise to go away and buy an Android based phone.
 Sure, just as likely as having Android 4.x running on half of most Android devices two years after 4.x was released. Dream on!
 Yes, we need actual numbers sold for both the 5C and 5S. Just because the 5S is sold out means nothing. It is easy to sell out if you only have a limited number too start with. Consider that the 5S isn't even going to start being sold in the USA until the 20th and its' price is higher. It would make sense that there might be a lot more 5C's available than there are 5S'. Only time and real numbers will tell.
 Sure, I believe you, even though I normally think that anybody who posts their stock trades (in detail especially) on AI doesn't own any. Guess I will just block you and avoid all your posts
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