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Hoping the A7 is made by TSMC.
 I think you just dreamt this one up. It would be great though.
 You with the big mouth, are you a newbie ANALyst or just another troll? 1) Who are you to say color won't sell, the public will make their choices known soon 2) The insides are not 100% identical to the iPhone 5 and 3) You are now free to crawl back under the rock you came from.
 Deleted Why waste my time.
Smarten up! Companies release beta/pre-lease software to help work the bugs out, if it worked perfectly it would have been released as a finished product. Don't want bugs, then don't run beta/pre-release software or participate in beta/pre-release programs.
Asking that question on a rumor site, less than 24 hours before an Apple event, is crazy. Either you have had one too many drinks already OR you need a drink real bad!
About time they 'at least attempt to' resolve this issue but I won't hold my breath waiting for the final resolution.  Unfortunately I am concerned that when all the various lawsuits are resolved, even if Samsung loses them all and Samsung isn't winning many at this point, is that the fines and penalties will be insignificant when compared to the billions that Samsung has already made. Samsung's competitors, excluding Apple, have problems making any money so it appears...
 So a rumor, with pictures, becomes believable if it is repeated often enough. Considering all the rumors and pictures are ALL from unconfirmed sources that is sad.
Agree, except an analyst may actually have a real rumor source (reliable or not), so basically your predictions are even more useless.
 Unbelievable that you would ask for or expect a legit response from a post any rumor website today. Can't you wait a day for whatever Apple will announce tomorrow?
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