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Brilliant comment considering most people don't have advanced degrees in any given discipline.
Another option would be Apple has no planned iWatch product and is playing to all the iWatch rumors. Apple files trademark requests, at little cost ,slowly in major markets to feed the rumor so it distracts or sidetracks the competition into wasting resources developing their version of an iWatch.   Another could be that the iWatch hype is way off on what it will have for features and what it will do. The slow or leaked trademark filings are meant to encourage other...
If it legal than it is right and everyone does the same. Show what nations people pay taxes they aren't legally obligated to pay.
Samsung does seem to be getting away with copying a lot from Apple in overall appearance and function in general and Samsung does make Apple A series ARM based chips but Samsung doesn't make a chip that competes with Apple A series chips. The Apple A series ARM based chips are extremely and highly customized and optimized chips design by Apple for Apple products only and even Samsung isn't stupid enough to even try to copy Apple at the chip level. Intel, GF (AMD) or TSMC...
Apple has around 200 stores or so worldwide now and you say they need to open around 1,400 more. You obviously have had a few too many beers already.
This isn't really news as the manufacturers typically have taken forever to release updates they promised before. I am sure the manufacturers will now rush to get out updates for lower-power machines.
I agree you should stick with Android so that your choices aren't limited so that you can do as you please. I myself prefer Apple's walled garden approach and will stay with iOS and iPhone as it just works for me.
I'd like to see links to articles and data 'proving' this to be true.
You either forgot the sarcasm tag or you just don't get it, The article clearly states a lot of the pieces aren't new but are put together in such a way that things are consistent and 'just work' together better.
    Do you look for hidden messages or agendas in everything? You must be very unhappy people because if you waste your time analyzing anything long enough you can find negatives, whether imagined or not. If you came up with these comments from just a quick viewing that tells me you have a very cynical view of the world.
New Posts  All Forums: