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serrano could you post a link to the original of your dektop pic, please.
Yes it is 1680 x 1050. Here is a link with more: Alinghi
Took me ages to find sailing pictures with a decent resolution!
They opened the Trafford Centre Store in Manchester without a Grand Opening?! Why?
Hi, I don't think that an iSight in the PowerBook would need that much space, it should fit without a bump. Just look at the pictures of the iSight in the new iMac. iMac iSight picture
That's true. But due to the legal issues it is better not to post a actual link to a site where you can download it.
I decided to send the moderator of this forum a pm regarding this. The link realy needs to be removed.
Braun 7570 with the clean and charge system. For special occasions I use the Sensor 3 with OldSpice soap.
evilcat: I think your link is violating the posting guidelines.
By a new iMac.
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