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Hi, I know with 802.11b you can connect to an Airport Extreme, but that forces all the other 802.11g connections to run at 802.11b speed. I think it would be nice if you could update (I mean software update) your 802.11b airport card, so it doesn't slow the rest of the the network down! I know it is not possible to get a faster connection with my old airport card and the ibook, but I would like to see the 802.11g capable devices to really use the speed they are capable...
Thanks for your fast answer. Your Picture goes into the direction what I meant. 1. Let's say we are on an open field, no walls,... So the Distance is the same towards every direction? I didn't expect it to be such a nice circle. 2. Not only horizontical also vertical would be interesting (for example if I mount the base station on a wall will that change the radius?). I thought that the range is maybee better towards the sides than up and down.
Hi, I am a DELL user, but I am taking a closer look at Apple for half a year now. Christmas my brother wanted to by a Laptop and asked me which computer would be the best for him. I thought: Hey this is the best way of switching, get someone else to switch and see how he does. So I talked him into an ibook and got him to be my test person. He now has his laptop for about a month and I just installed the Airport Extreme basestation in our Network of Win machines. Our dad...
Hi, I just installed my Airport Extreme Base Station and the Range is really good. I set the power to 25% and can still get into the the network on three different floors and in the garden. My question goes into the same direction as the ones already mentioned. The question, is there a chart which shows the range or power of a base station signal? Kind of basestaion in the middle and a line around it to show the range towards all directions.
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