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 I totally agree, I have never bought a Samsung product, they were just not on my radar. But now they are as someone to avoid at all costs. People who don't care about ripoffs and only care about how cheaply they can get a product will continue to support them unfortunately.
 You misread my post. Pixelmator doesn't have a skin smoothing tool, Aperture does. Photoshop has a healing brush, I have tried may of those tools in Photoshop, but mostly used the cloning tool so I don't remember what each brush is called, I have worked in Photoshop since about '92. But Aperture's skin smoothing brush is perfect for touch ups and does a better job than the Photoshop healing/touch-up brushes I have used.
I use Pixelmator and Aperture together, you can send files between the two. Pixelmator for layers and effects, Aperture for photo retouching (the skin smoothing tool is a favorite of my clients and works much better than whatever is the Photoshop equivalent) Aperture can also export in CMYK, that Pixelmator doesn't. For under $100 I have all of my Photoshop needs covered. And instead of Flash and Fireworks I use Hype. So no more Adobe Photoshop drugs for me, even at the...
I have to disagree, I have several tanks of fish and goldfish have MORE charisma than Kutcher in that scene.
I saw a trailer for this movie a while ago, and that was pretty much it!  No way will I waste time watching this movie, even for free. 
  Maybe that is true for some things and for some people, I haven't seen it so I can't say if I would like the Wall or not.   Jony Ives is a fantastic designer for the clean and smooth lines of the hardware where less is more. The icons were okay to me, what really put me off was how white everything was, like the mail app. Just stark and empty. Several Apps had that look, I can't remember which ones, so none of them stood out to me. I liked the functionality of the...
Interesting thought, most likely not. Though one can hope   Of course not, he is a designer, why should he? The answer is... he shouldn't to a point. If the majority of users thinks your design totally sucks, it is time to listen up.
I wish you could too, you made some excellent points!
  I totally agree. Jony Ive is brilliant as a hardware designer, but that is not the same skill as a graphic or web designer. I do graphic and web design and for me working in 3D is a challenge. I can do it, but it takes a different perspective and my designs are not in any way as good as someone who does that sort of thing as their forte. Laying things out in a flat 2D layout is my strength. And as a graphic designer, I think the new IOS layout is boring. I like the...
You know, you should really research what you are claiming before parroting something from "Pirates of Silicon Valley" or worse any MS vs Mac debate on the web or anywhere else for that matter.    Facts - and I quote: "Steve Jobs’ visit of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in 1979 became in 1999 a topic in the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley”. The narrator in this scene (role of Steve Wozniak”) says more or less, that the Apple guys got a “miracle bag” from Xerox: the...
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