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Alexander Stubb is an idiot. The fact that this moron can be elected prime minister is why Finland is in trouble.
Nokia and Stephen Elop s@#k stinky balls and that is suppose to be Apple's fault? I think Nokia and lazy Finns should go back to make rubber boots.
Lying fat pig
Those Kodak patents are not worth $2.6 billion. Kodak is in chapter 11 bankruptcy and is desperate for cash. CEO Perez has been hyping those patents in hopes of fetching more money but after years of patent trolling Kodak's patents are not able generate much revenue anymore. Those patents generated less than $65 million last year. Kodak would be lucky to get even $1 billion. Even after the patents are sold Kodak will still end up being liquidated. A few units will be...
This short article has to be one of the most poorly written piece I've seen on AI for a while. It is so full of grammatical error that it's nearly impossible to read. I know this is a tech blog site but...come on! Do some basic proof reading before posting it.
Clearly this phone was severely damaged prior to the incident. Anytime you have a lithium ion battery and you damage the device sufficiently you can cause a short circuit within the battery that cause it to over heat.
"very expensive" Do you mean "very extensive"? or perhaps "very expansive"?
Christopher Hawthorne enjoy that.
Christopher Hawthorne can lick my balls
island hermit.... Cool story bro. But you need to stay with the facts. There are numerous errors in your account. Your reality distortion field is strong ... but it's not the good kind like Steve Jobs is. Read all the articles that were leaked out and you will see why. First of all Rockstar was Apple and Apple only. The MSFT, RIMM, SNE...etc consortium tapped out first. Apple and Google were the only ones left. The MSFT/RIMM consortium then returned by forming...
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