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Good to see shipping from Addison IL, I was hoping that someone else was having an iPhone shipped from there... at first I thought it was something else that was being shipped to me since the package is listed at 2 lbs. Here's hoping UPS gets a move on early!  
Well this is causing me to flashback hardcore. Ha ha ha, oh man I thought I'd be a productive member of society by now. Nope. As for the republican field of 2012... hello 4 more years of Obama. I'm not hating or anything but shit I wish he broke a little more with Bush foreign policy/domestic security wise.
Oh it would be the utter look of dejection on everyone's faces after MWNY '01. Why you say? It was the last time we all had a keynote that didn't live up to the hype one bit. All the others since have been damn good. ...holy crap, it's been over 6 years since I've been to a Macworld Expo :-(
Seriously, are you basing your purchasing on advice you get in a rumor forum? No offence, we may be smart and well educated, but make your decisions on what is available now, not what might be available in the future.
I could have sworn that Steve had declared that Apple Computer would change it's name to 'Apple' a while back in a keynote. Am I mistaken or what?
I'm sure we will see multiple iPhones to support the different wireless communication standards (GSM, CDMA, 4G (UMB). I am disappointed that the iPhone is a 2G phone (GSM, EDGE, and GRPS) but remember, this won't ship until June... things can change. For instance the original iMac was announced with a 33.3k modem it ended up with a 56k modem when it shipped. Now that's not a huge change, but it helps to illustrate my point that the specs we have right now aren't final....
For me it's Swedish chicks, followed closely by Brazilian chicks... infact it's the Brazilian chicks that convinced me that I need to hitup the World Cup in 2010. South Africa here I come.
I liked it. It wasn't great, but it was good. It seemed to be a emotionally complex but intellectually simple movie... which doesn't necessarily jive with me all that well. Parker Posey and Kevin Spacey were great :-D
I call me a traditionalist, but I find inside out suits my taste :-D
Well Apple would be able to slim down the unit a bit for a more 'organic' looking iMac, but in terms of all-in-one form factors, Apple seems to have run the gauntlet. The original mac, the Plus, the SE, the Classic, the Color Classic, the LC 520, 550, 575, 580, the Powermac 5200 5300, 5260, 5400 LCs, the 20 an. mac, the Powermac G3 All-In-One, the original iMac and all of it's revisions, the iMac G4 and the iMac G5. I really can't think of any other form factor that Apple...
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