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In other news, one of the world's oldest partnerships is suing Apple Inc. for use of their trademark.  Said a representative, "I think our usage of the Apple is firmly established.  You will find evidence in any motel room nightstand.  For use of our trademark, we demand that Apple take it's fair share of Original Sin."   Signed, Adam and Eve Inc.
Siri eyes free as "a nice feature to go along with Sync."?  I don't own a Ford with Sync, the only thing I know about it I know from commercials, but Siri Eyes Free sounds like a replacement to Sync to me.  That's why Ford isn't onboard due to their investment in Sync and partnership with Microsoft.
"Reviewers ... remain put off by the $2,200 entry price."   Apparently the Reviewers are the only ones who are "put off", Apple can't seem to make them fast enough as shops times have slipped to 3-4 weeks.
Can you clarify how Apple (or iPhone customers for that matter) could gain if Apple "eased up a bit"? Specifically iPhone customers since I don't much care if Apple gains or not. Please be specific about the ways in which Apple could ease up and how these measures would directly benefit iPhone users.
Not if I wanted to hear the song again 20 minutes later, but didn't have an internet connection. This way, if I want a song that just didn't happen to sync last time I connected my iDevice to my Mac, I still have a way to get it, (provided I can get an internet connection, like at my local McD's for example) and then it is on my iDevice untill the next sync or it gets pushed out of the cache. Not the same as streaming.
Good. That's exactly how I want it. The majority of the music that I want to listen to is on my iDevice already anyway; I just want to be able to access my entire library on the fly if needed.
Thanks Eddie! But why is my desk chair now a potted plant?
...like Bjork...or Amy Winehouse...or RuPaul. Yeah, I see what you mean.
"The" Internet is such a complex, nearly organic thing, any one individual laying claim to "creating the Internet" only demonstrates what an ignorant, arrogant person they are. Not so ignorant as to curse in a public forum, but still pretty ignorant .
New Posts  All Forums: