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For uninstalling try Appzapper http://appzapper.com/
bloody hell! I just looked Lundy its over 5GB! without itunes running. It is odd though that it is noticeably worse when itunes is runing.
I can help you with this what size do you need each area? Could you cope with css if it was done for you? Do you have a visual?
fair point - Endymion, but it seems to only happen (or is a lot worse) when itunes is running. With a bit of luck it won't be a problem when I order my next machine with bigger hard drive.
Hi I'm running itunes 7 .0.1 on my G4 rev A 12" powerbook and I keep getting out of disk space warnings. In the finder windows it says I only have about 100 - 200mb free but if I reboot this goes back up to a gig. Any Ideas? Cheers Jon-e-orange
I currently have a 12" powerbook that I want to replace and I am torn between going for a macBook or the 15" macBook Pro and the main thing that concerns me is the integrated graphics on the macBook I need to use Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash for work, but I am worried about the performance. Does anyone know how the macBook handles these apps?
skedit. I was using htmltaco but i found this to suit me better. http://www.skti.org/
hi SHAPIRO2 thanks for the reply. I have used fetch art to collect artwork for cds I have ripped myself. Apple was good enough to let me redownload the tracks (with artwork), the post was more about itms wierdness.
I guess no one else has had this issue? Well my second email to Apple did the trick and they rest my order. I downloaded the music again this time the artwork was there.
Hello everybody (Did a search but couldn't find anything on this). I bought some songs (and a album) from iTunes Music Store (to add to the 400+ I already have bought), when they downloaded there was no album artwork! The Artwork Viewer Panel just says "Drag Album Artwork Here". The only difference form normal was I used the shopping cart instead of my normal one-click. I am using the latest version of iTunes on X 10.4.5 and there was no problem with my connection...
New Posts  All Forums: