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Is it particularly wise for an openly gay man to visit the West Bank? Obviously it isn't the same as the Gaza strip in this regard (where it's flat out illegal), but still... this bit from wiki would concern me: "Gay Palestinians frequently seek refuge in Israel fearing for their lives, especially fearing death from members of their own families."
Well, that was a quality rumour. Perhaps this source should be ignored from now on? The fiction is so bad that it almost warrants the deletion of the article o.0
Such a generous man, always giving. But does he also like to receive? 
I'm too much of a gadget whore... latest and greatest every generation. Would anyone seriously be using a gold plated $5000 iPhone 3GS still??
Totally. A little bit rich to compare sales of a niche product to that of a niche + mainstream product combined. 
Good to see it's not true. I've never bought a single song since I got Spotify Premium.
At the moment my Gear 2 lasts 4-5 days before needing a recharge with active use (Sammy underquote it). Hopefully Apple's device will be around that as it's perfectly acceptable given the phone needs to be recharged every night.
 Can't say I've heard of anyone doing that, and it's not true anyway. In recent years NZ is typically the first when it's a worldwide midnight release. 
O ye of little faith. Two advantages living in New Zealand. Ahead of everyone else in terms of timezone, and relatively easy launch queues. 
Good god people. I'll just walk into the store the day it's released and buy one thanks.
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