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In all fairness, my recently acquired Galaxy S5 (which is slightly taller and wider than my S4) is perfectly usable in one hand. Nevertheless, I often find myself holding it with one and using the other to touch due to habit... NB I also do this with my iPhone. There seems to be a bit of hysteria about the 'one hand use' thing in the iPhone community. It's almost as if it's rare to be born with two hands :P
Is that a pirated version of Windows XP I see?
But it's deliberate.
Looks like Scott Forstall's got a new job.
Upgraded to 1080p? Come on guys, where's 4K? ;)
That's 'caus it's too expensive... why buy the 5C when you can pay a little more to get the 5S?
I'm a bit nervous about this. I've been running the Gold Master version on my MacBook Pro 2011 for about 3 days, and I've had non-stop kernel panics. I've been trying to figure out the trigger, but it's happening all over the place. Playing music seems to be a big one though!
Ya wanna make money in China, you've gotta take it in the ass from Xi Jinping. Shouldn't hurt too much. 
U.S. patent law is such nonsense - this rubbish could go on for the next century and achieve absolutely nothing (except spending a colossal amount on lawyers and not on innovation).
So why didn't they just... you know... release it in 2009? or 2010, or 2011, or 2012, or 2013, or ever.
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