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Sounds like a pisstake. 
I tried using Google's turn-by-turn yesterday in New Zealand and gave up after 5 minutes. What a disaster - it simply couldn't locate me once I'd started moving and then went on a mental rant giving me sporadic directions from all around the city. Hopefully they get this sorted...
It's already Wednesday here! :P   I've been using ML for months, and even the GM has issues that annoy me. Safari is still crashing/freezing on many tasks. 
Hmm metered billing? Is it overly different to what I use now? Here in NZ we pretty much all have caps on usage per month... my cap is 120GB, though I can buy more data chunks if needed.
Has anyone had any success activating their iDevices? My iPad 3 says that it isn't a part of the dev program. Of course it is. Also, I would post on the dev forums, but they've gone down. Overwhelmed.
I use FT every day to call work colleagues, but we just use it for audio; we hit the home screen button to disable the video.
I hope so - Safari 5.2 has a long way to go. I for one hate it; constantly crashing, text input stops randomly, no Activity window anymore, Firebug style Page Source window that's too small, etc. etc.
Hopefully Vodafone don't mind that I'm updating over my 3G connection 
Mine says that it requires 6.65GB on the App Store updater. The previous build was only 1-2. My poor SSD is very very low...
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