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I use FT every day to call work colleagues, but we just use it for audio; we hit the home screen button to disable the video.
I hope so - Safari 5.2 has a long way to go. I for one hate it; constantly crashing, text input stops randomly, no Activity window anymore, Firebug style Page Source window that's too small, etc. etc.
Hopefully Vodafone don't mind that I'm updating over my 3G connection 
Mine says that it requires 6.65GB on the App Store updater. The previous build was only 1-2. My poor SSD is very very low...
Siri, what does Marcellus Wallace look like?! Does he look like a bitch???? No... Then why'd you try to fuck him like a bitch Siri?
Er... are those supposed to be iPad (3) photos? They're shite...
No update for me yet. Sad.
NZ uses the metric system religiously, but when it comes to monitor size, we always, and I mean always, use inches for some reason. I couldn't imagine ever calling my 40" TV a 101.6cm
I'll happily complain about it as I said - my iPhone 4 is useless without a case; dies instantly. With regards to returning a product, in NZ it's a nightmare as we don't have proper Apple stores. If we want to return something, we basically end up sending it to the US and are therefore without a phone for 6 weeks.
I have a white iPhone 4, and when I bought it I had hoped that something had been done about the reception issues (considering the white iPhone 4 was a late release). Anyway, if I don't use a case my iPhone's reception dies as soon as I touch the sides, regardless of how I hold it. I absolutely must use a case Anyway, my wife's iPhone 4S has no problems whatsoever.
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