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At least Samsung gives kudos to where its due. Apple, on the other hand, flat out dismissed the Galaxy Note and the trend towards larger screens. We know what happened next....
I thought Apple never does market research.  
Oh thou irony.
Where are the people who claimed Lucy Koh was biased against Apple for being Korean American? Hello? Shouldn't she be approving the suit since she is, according to them, biased? Before I call out the names, I'd like to hear what they have to say.
 Funny how you say that. I bet you already have products with Samsung's parts in them. Like...oh I don't know...most of Apple's products? How about you switch your statement to "Samsung's final end user products". Many current electronics out on the market are teaming with Samsung components.   You cant really get around the grasp of a mega corporation like Samsung. 
What does the ethnicity of the judge has to do with the courts? Those who use the race card is nothing short of ignorant. Is that the best argument you can give? Quote: Originally Posted by water cooler View Post She is Korean American, other Asians have different culture and moral than Koreans, I think she has been biased. Talk about generalization. You been around the block? Get off your high pedestal.
64 bit will only take advantage of its processing power when there is more than 4GB of RAM.    Most phones now only have 1 - 2GB of RAM.  Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 now has 3GB of Ram.    Again, Apple is Samsung's bitch.    Samsung wins either way. 
Hey Daniel, Is TSMC still making the A7?
64 Bit with only 1-2GB of RAM? That is like blowing a 10 gallon air compressor through a straw! Apple what the heck do you think you are doing? That is nothing more than marketing ploy to get people reinterested in the smartphone as we are already seeing saturation in the market place.
Apple finally realizes that Samsungs business model was superior. Cheap and PLASTIC. SAY IT AINT SO!
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