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This isnt Samsung's first time with a retail store.   They have many of these stores in South Korea (some are 3 stories in fact) , long before Apple began to venture with its own retail stores.
Samsung donated $9.7 Million.
Samsung flatly denies they have a "kill taiwan" agenda. Stop spreading around false rumors.     They are gonna need any help they can get to even compete with Samsung.    P.S. Haha, just as I predicted, AAPL is below $400 now. lol
Korean GAAP reports sales in NET SALES, meaning Sales - (Returns + Discounts) = NET SALES. So those numbers takes into consideration after the fact.
A lot is riding on this earnings report.   If the analysts and institutional investors smell a whiff of profit margins shrinking, they will be downgrading their recommendations or selling the shares in droves. Just yesterday, a large institutional investor sold 10% of their AAPL holdings.   I'm afraid, this next report has the potential to lower the share price into the high $300's. It just goes to remind people how important speculation from the market is in...
You do what the Chinese tell you to do. Or else they will kick Apple out of the country. Do what the Romans do when in Rome. This is not the time do be a maverick.
A classic correlation vs causality comparison.    Increased tweets during the unveiling does not show a direct cause and effect in this situation, only a correlation.    There is a third party ommitted variable that this "analysis" (if you can call it that) is missing.        The Galaxy S 4 hasnt even launched yet. Only announced. 
  Oh great, now the goal post has moved from "Apple was the first"  to "Apple wasnt the first, but it could be the first mass market".   This is a moving target that will never be fully fulfilled, ever.
But I thought it was never about specs. More about "experiences" and "ease of use"?   Isnt specs "not important"?   Is it that argument used for convenience sake?
  How is Samsung a copy cat when its been demonstrating wrist worn smart devices since 1998.   You claim Google's smart watch concept has been on Google's "radar" for a "couple of years now" (read: less than 10 years)    Samsung has had that idea for more than a "couple of years now".   Even AI recently wrote about Samsung's third attempt at their wrist worn device.   Here:...
New Posts  All Forums: